New expansion cities announced

these are the latest cities announced to receive a team for the 2010 season

War Saw Poland
Anchorage Alaska
Austin Texas
Bei Jing China
London England
Islamabad Pakistan
White Horse Yukon

that is all, thank you

You're welcome.

I like Islamabad's chances. :thup:

This was as bout as good as my young kids knock knock jokes and why did the chicken cross the road.

Why did the turtle cross the busy highway during rush hr

He though it was a parking lot.

well to be fair i was a kid but two years ago

I think they should expand to countrys that begin with the letter C that way they can have another division and still be the CFL. For example Chile could have Santiago.Cocepcion, Antofagasta,La Serena,Punta Arenas.
Chad could have Mongo,Bongor,Faya-Largeau,Mondou,Mao
Keep it to at the minimum 5 teams per country
as a minimum that way it makes a good division and they woud play against the other close countries. Example the Chad teams could play against teams from Cameroon. Where there are no close countries with a C at the beginning of the name they could just change the name of the country maybe by just adding a C to the beginning. For example Chile could play Cargentina or Ceru. You could also get them to totally change the name of the country also. For example Argentina could be called Colin or Chandler.

You may have been able to fool a few people if your thread had been called something like "NHLers' Crosby, Richards Interested In Maritime CFL Team".

Warsaw Whitehorse and Beijing are all one word

...well, they're technically one word EACH, rather than being all one word, but I think we see your point...:wink:

But what if the name of that counrty didn't start with a "C" in thier official language?

Is there a "C" in ?

If you squint, you can make out a "C" in there...

What the hell is that...? :?

Its china written in Chinese

...when I stuck it in a translator, it came out as "Porcelain"...close, I suppose...

Wow... Don't look like a Chinese symbol. Kind of odd how one symbol can represent an entire word. :expressionless:

It looks like a Chinese symbol on my screen

Tim Buck two Alaska

Well, it looks like a symbol, it just doesn't look like any Chinese symbol I've ever seen.

Maybe we should stick a team on the international space station.. now that would be a road trip...

Thats strange because its quite obvious what it is on mine.