New everyting

Next year we have to change almost everything sarting from Daley ending with glenn. Glenns good but he should'nt be on 1st string we have to put him on 2nd or get a new and better QB. It would be awsome and funny if we got printers or a really good QB. lol. 8)

BlueBomerBoy :wink:


Khari Jones could go back to the Bombers maybe?

no i don;t think many people want jones back, he blew he chance, and altough he should still be ecnd string for the ti-cats he's not, he has nohing left, he is washed up in eyes. I think we gotta look for someone better.

Get a new head coach and offensive and defensive cordinators then start changing personel, what we have now is an embarassment, Asper was totally justified in bringing his frustration to light, this is completly unacceptable in our 75th Anniversary Season.......

right on PIGSEYE.....a bloody embarassment is putting it matter how I've stuck with these guys this year...and cut the overall performance a lot of slack....I am totally demoralized.....what were the coaches thinking in this last have to put pressure on Calvillo or a vet QB. like him will carve you up... either we don't have the talent or it's not being used properly......that was only part of the problem this game....what the hell was the call to go for a field-goal when you are down by 12..... with that amount of time remaining in the game....there better be big changes made immediately or our stadium is going to resemble a bloody ghost town....I would have expected a better effort this game as some Bombers were definitely playing for thier all I can get from this game is some players don't give a $hit and wished they were somewhere else....and if thats the case grant them thier bloody wish..... :evil:

Chage the unifroms back to last seasons would be GREAT!