New Eskimos coming; Campbell uncertain

Well, this is just great. DM says Campbell's return is 50/50. Whooo!!! :roll: I'm ticked... If he decides to be a douche, I say Edmonton should keep his rights, and refuse to trade him. He can sit at home for the year.

(OK, OK, Chief's just a little frustrated... :lol: )

The good news is apparently we have a couple new players coming soon. Speculation is one could be another DL.

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Interesting player whom I did not know for his stellar season in 2008 and who had played some in the NFL who would seem to be quite the burner at that small size. Definitely he's better for the Canadian game with those good hands and speed at that size, and in learning about the CFL game and seeing his stats from 2008 and having watched Ray play a whole lot, damn right as a new fan of the Eskimos I am excited. :thup:

I had a conversation with a friend last weekend about small, very fast guys playing receiver in the NFL. Receivers under 190 lbs if not 200 lbs any more in the NFL just are not around as much any more and if so not very long in the NFL. Blame Michael Irvin if you must, but 15 years ago he really set the mould for future receivers to be taller and bigger.

Even the guys with world class speed like Ted Ginn Jr are on the bubble in the NFL any more. Either they become short-term kick returners or are cut before too long.

Two exceptions extraordinaire are Wes Welker and Steve Smith. Santana Moss, Santonio Holmes, Laveraneaus Coles, and DeSean Jackson are amongst others still in the league who have beaten the high odds at their size to maintain a longer NFL career since the days of Michael Irvin.

All around this trend is positive for the CFL as more of these guys with solid skills and speed will find their way there with the wider fields and the 5-yard buffer rule on returns and hopefully moreover keep at it with long careers there. :cowboy: