New Eskimo Logo reported!

This was reported at web site that the Eskies will show off their new logo.

Very nice. :slight_smile:

oh thats just rude.............funny as hell but rude...........good one

Hehehehe .... right on!!!

What where is budha? I left him speechless again must be getting his tummy rub'd



KK with no replies from those pesky Eskie fans I am wondering if they are laying low because they are very afraid.

or very embassrested. :oops:

C'mon you bloody Edmonton juckeys, come on out and face this like men!

disappointing no Eskie fans out at the chicken farms dancing probably!

Come on Eskie fans that here it do not let this go to waste!

isn't that three "L"'s now?

No two so far but yes it could end up as three!

The question is...Can CALGARY win again?

It is very hard to beat the same team 2 times in back to back games.
It doesn't happen often.

You stamp fans can poke fun at the eskimos now. But the only game that actually matters is next weekend.

Finally Esks123 you responded. Ya your right after the weekend you will need to add another L.

we'll have to wait and see, don't be too upset if the esks get the revenge they're looking for. The stupid LL logo would mean nothing then. :slight_smile:

Well Chubby cheeks better have his team ready to play the Stamps are going to be fired up and on a mission.

Chubby cheeks shouldn't be a head coach because he's an idiot for not utilizing two quarterbacks throughout the season.

Well you see he has to justify paying good ole chip boy the big bucks. Maas is the better qb in my opinion and he has been nothing but class. 500 G's sitting on the bench is not to good.