New era of Ticat jerseys?

With Printers and Lumsden gone, the big name jersey sellers are gone. Who should make the cut for the 2009 jerseys?? Quinton Porter perhaps? Maybe Kenton Keith? or even Prechae Rodriguez? Post your opinions.

If i had to pick 3 names to be on the jerseys we sell in 09 I'd probably pick Porter, Rodriguez and Caulley or Keith.

Well, if they do the retros properly, that is, lots of stripes on the sleeves and no tigers on the shoulders - just 2-tone TV numbers - I'll be grabbing a #20 Jimmy Edwards; home, black... niiiiice!

If I was to select a name, it would have to be Setta. Excellent performer AND committed to the team.

Porter and Rodriguez were the jerseys on show when i last went to the Ti Cats shop, about 6 weeks ago

are you serious?? i’ve been dying to get my hands on a quinton porter Jersey. how much are they?

Woot! just got myself a Quinton porter jersey!!! ^^ $170 well spent.

8) Ahhh, how right you are, Jimmy Edwards #20. A classic for sure !!!!

Is there any footage anywhere of Jimmy Edwards? If there is some, could someone direct me as to where it might be? :thup:

Heh. I was going to say the same thing. :smiley:

lol as soon as I found out there was a Porter jersey I was there (today). I tried to get my hands on a Porter Jersey Before X-mas and the people were like WA? whos' Porter? I'm so glad they decided to make these otherwise I was going to have a custom one made up and those usually look like garbage and cost alot.

I got myself a Setta Jersey!! He is one of most consistant players in the league and is really committed!

I had a Belli jersey, he signed in TO.

I had a Lumsden jersey, we know where he went.

I am officially off the jersey wagon.

I will now wear T-shirts only. Unless Porter blooms and signs a 3 year + contract.

Well seeing as the retro jersey's are coming out this year and dependeing on which retro jersy(era) comes out. I will pick a player that was great in that era. I would be nice to get an Earl Winfield jersy.

Porter and Rodriguez for sure. The third guy (if we're assuming 3 players) I'd say would either be Caulley, Smith, Setta, or Thompson.

If we had a 3rd jersey in the shop, think Chris Thompson or Nick Setta would be great....or we could even have STRIPES 00 :lol:

I agree, Chris Thompson would be a great seller I think, after all this guy can pick the ball from any angle, he's insane.

[b]The three Jerseys that are going to be in the shop are:


Porter and keith may switch from time to time.[/b]

The three Jersey's that i would like to see are Setta, Rodriguez, and Hage because I believe that they have all been a consistent force on the team that are the icons of what the Ti-Cats want to be in the upcoming years. (and i love me some O-Line)

Montford, Mosca, Champion, Winfield. Nuf said.