New Era NEW Outfitter of the CFL

The league wasn’t kidding when they previously hinted they might be thinking outside the box with their new outfitter.

Excited to see how this will play out. New Era has big-time incentive to make this work (to build their credibility as a soup-to-nuts outfitter, which they don’t yet have a track record for)

I’d like to see a jersey re-design, as well as a third jersey for the Ticats.

This was exciting news. I’m optimistic and look forward to seeing how jersey designs will come out .

Had my fingers crossed it wouldn’t be Nike. Glad it isn’t.

Hopefully they’ll go with individual designs for each team rather than the extremely generic ones we’ve had the past couple suppliers

No changes until 2020. :frowning:

New Era takes over but CFL uniforms will remain the same in 2019

New Era takes over as theofficial CFL apparel supplierin 2019, but the uniforms will remain unchanged until 2020.
There will be a New Era patch put on the current kits but New Era will use the same manufacturer asadidas. The last time helmet, jersey and pant combinations were drastically altered was in 2016: the B.C. Lions went modern and the Bombers retro.
The agreement between New Era and the CFL –believed to be a pact for more than four years – is longer than the adidasrelationship thatlasted three seasons. That can be beneficial for both sides as the working relationship should become stronger over time.
For the CFL, after many were wondering where the league could turn next when adidas and the league parted ways, New Era is a forward-thinking find; it was the first headwear company to be partnered with the NFL, NBA and MLB concurrently. It’s a big league brand known well around the world.
The natural progression for the company would be to expand the apparel possibilities and the CFL provides the opportunity for New Era to develop, expand and grow.

What’s wrong with Nike? Love their brand and have for years.

Stop it… Or lock thread now.

Black home jersey, gold numbers. White away jersey, gold numbers. Gold pants, and black helmets, with tiger cat logo on the side, number on the back, centred.

Many people hate and boycott Nike. Divided too many people with their political agenda.

I’m excited as well. I love what New Era does with hats, and like you’ve said, they’ve got a ton of motivation to make this work.

I wonder if New Era will be involved in the Canadian Premier League as well? Lots of ties between the Can PL and the CFL, wouldn’t shock me to see New Era jump into the soccer market.

That might be a bit of a stretch. I do not know one single person who is boycotting Nike

SO the same couple pictures that I’ve seen already.

That’s my point. I don’t think it’s as widespread as some are saying. Do YOU personally know anyone boycotting?

My apologies I didn’t mean to get the thread off track. I really like New Era I hope this means we get a larger selection of fitted hats, I’ve never been into snapbacks.

I have my reasons for not being a Nike fan. And while their sales have increased their brand favoribility has decreased nearly in half since the Kaepernick announcement. There is no evidence to suggest Kaepernick is the reason though timing does point to it .

I think the CFL is a great place for New Era to test out jerseys it’s a small enough market to see how fans react and I hope they really come out swinging with a home, away and alternate designs for the 2019 season

lets go ahead and assume it was an aesthetic reason. in which case, not a huge fan of their college uniform looks.

Really liked what Reebok started pumping out at the end (I thought their first try at the jerseys were blech tho), Adidas started off a bit weak, but turned it around.

Like the New Era hats (how they fit anyway). lets see what they can do

Kudos to a Buffalo, New York Company. Flat Brims and Snap Backs for everyone!

If anything CFL hats will be 1st rate, and never underestimate how many buy caps either.

If they want in the jersey business, they will be bold.

As long as it’s better than the NFL Nike “color rush” uni’s, I’m ok with it.

We’ll see what’s new, from New Era, next week. While the word, from the beginning, was basically no changes in CFL uniforms this year, this report says there will be some noticeable differences – of course the new look and logo in MTL, but also the helmets in EDM and BC, light blue numbers, home & away for TOR, and very little here – the helmet stripe may be back for every game, and the contrasting colour trim around jersey numbers will, it appears, be gone: