New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts

One word: Stunning.

Stunning was the play of the stars.

Stunning was the decision to go for it on 4th and 2 on their own 30 yard line.

Stunning was the Colts scoring 2 touchdowns with 4 minutes to go to defeat the New England Patriots 35-34. Absolutely stunning.

Another chapter in one of the best rivalries in all of sports. I hope to see the rematch later this season. :thup:

Anyone catch this?

I caught most of it, but I had to shut it off in the third because (and I'm not joking) I wanted to put my fist through my television screen. I'm honestly stunned that the Colts won the game...

I'm waiting for TSN2 to replay the fourth quarter.

Just finished watching the replay. Turns out I saw more of the fourth quarter than I thought... I was sort of in and out throughout the game. When it was 31-14, I think that's when I changed the channel for good. No word of a lie, I've never been as frustrated as I was while I was watching that game...

Good comeback by Peyton... and this is what pisses me off about Indy's defence. In the first 8 games, the Colts D was allowing an average of 13 ppg. Tonight they gave up 34... but then got that key stop at the end. What the hell? They do this so often... they'll give up TD after TD, but then at the end of the game, when it really counts, they suddenly kick it up a notch and get key stops. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they get the stops... but I always end up wondering where the hell that great defence was earlier in the game when they were giving up everything!!!

I swear this defence is responsible for more heart attacks than any other defence. Ridiculous...

What did you think of the spot of the ball on the 4th and 2?

Even though I was pulling for the Patriots, I think it was the right spot. The ball clearly bounced a tiny bit off Faulk's hands and he was able to grab it again but I think by the time he really did have possession of it, he was on wrong side of the first down marker.

If he had actually caught it, with no bobble at all, than I think it should have been a first down. Heartbreaking.

Still stunned this morning...

Inconclusive... I couldn't tell one way or the other, and since the Patriots did a piss poor job of managing their timeouts, they couldn't challenge. Personally, I wonder if Belichick maybe choked a bit... Before last night's game, he'd lost 3 of the last 4 meetings. It seemed to me like he was overreacting, trying desperately not to lose again. ... Not that I minded, of course. :lol:

I'm still stunned, as well. It felt like a dream last night... I still get anxiety just thinking about it. :lol:

Not sure about Belicheck after this one, it was one interesting game how it turned out. You just can't lose a game when you had it in the bag like the Pats did, unreal. I can't imagine how the big time Pats fans in New England feel about that game.

The Pats deserved to lose after that arrogant play call. That was pure New England arrogance. Reminds me exactly of 2007 when they would go for 2 point conversions and things when they didnt need to.

arrogance? in what way was that arrogant? i completely agree with the call, he has a young secondary this year, so to seal the game he puts the ball in the hands of his best player, tom brady. they got the play and the matchup they were hoping for just buddy didnt secure the ball. it was a bad play imo, but not a bad call. if they made it everyone praises him, and there are no questions, regardless great game.colts are goin undefeated this season lol

I can see where Jman's coming from (and I also thought their 2007 campaign was ridiculous). If it'd be fourth and inches, or even fourth and one, I could maybe, maybe see it. But fourth and two?

How wasnt it arrogant? Fourth and 2 from their OWN 28 yard line? Thats ridiculous. Why would you give Peyton the opportunity to have the ball from your own 28? It was arrogant and it wasn't the right call. Not on fourth and 2. You are saying you aren't going to trust your defense. Defense wins titles. Players don't forget decisions like that.

the defensive players are big boys, they can get over it. name me one playmaker on the pats D that is a common household name. dont bother cause this team is not known for its defense. peyton manning had marched for nearly 180 yards in the 4th quarter alone. you give him 2 minutes wiht the 2 minute warning and a timeout to do it again? no you go for the win and put the ball in the hands of your most talented player. this was not arrogance, this was a coaching decision. if he punted and they scored than people would say he should have gone for it. also if the player catches the ball clean its first down and they win the game. i dont like the play call as the pass was two yards maybe. sould have isolated welker on the weak side gave the pump on the hitch and lay it out for him on his double move. or run a slant route like wayne scored the winning touchdown on. either way the call to go for it was a good call.

Just because you can't name someone on New England's defence doesn't mean they don't have a good defence. New England has always been known for having a good defence. They've never been on the same level as say the Steelers, but they've been good.

I wouldn't say arrogance either, just maybe not the wisest coaching decision but it was a decision to make the Belicheck chose this one with the correct logic behind it, but maybe not the correct percentages. I can see why he did it, I just don't think I would have done it but hey, I don't know his team that well and his thinking.

Let's face it as CFL fans our our teams, we have all seen our coaches make decisions we didn't like over the years.

maybe not being able to name someone doesnt make them bad...but giving up 180 yards in 8 minutes sure does. his d did not prove they could stop him. in his eyes, either he gives the ball back by punting and there is a high percentage that manning scores...seeing as how he is the best 2 minute qb in the game today, OR he takes a chance and either makes it or doesnt. it was the right call but not the right play nor was it given to the right have randy moss and welker on your team and on the biggest play of the game you throw it to the running back on a 2 yard play. regardless...everyone who thinks this shows no confidence in his d is right...everyone who thinks its up to bill to baby these wrong. not only are they grown men...but they have what 14+ years of experience of this game already. what they should be thinking is how can they improve to gain back the confidence of the coach. if they were making big plays in the 4th quarter...than the decision would not have had to be made. they let down their offense by allowing 17 points in the 4th.