New England Patriots #77

To the Canadian kid who is forgotten great job! Hope to see you in the BIG SHOW! Not bad for a kid from Brantford! Who has his rights in the CFL?

6-4 315 The Canadian lineman Right Tackle! Starter NFL**** :thup: :rockin:

This kid gets the job done!!!!
NO PRESS WHY!? :wink:

He's been a feature story this season already.

Sorry, I'm pretty sure the Blue Team holds his CFL rights. :cry:

To the northpark grad.... congrats.

and to cats99... here in brantford he gets plenty of press.... which means those damn pats get plenty of press as well...

it's only a story for so long, then the article title becomes "canadian kid in super bowl.... again...."

ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT GAME :thup: Protect Brady Big boy! I met Nick Kaczur when he was a Summer student at Wescast Industries in Brantford :smiley: Great kid, have a great game :thup:

Yes he was drafted by Toronto with the 9th pick in 2005.
Kaczur was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 3rd Round (100th Overall) in the 2005
That a Pretty High Pick for a Canadian Kid in the NFL Draft.

We got Jesse out of that Draft 2005.
I will also show Players who Drafted bye or are on Hamilton now.

Round 1
He is the Rest of the 1st Round from 2005

  1. Calgary - Migeul Robede (DE) - Laval
  2. Ottawa - Cam Yeow (LB) - Akron
  3. Saskatchewan - Matt O'Meara (OT) - McMaster
  4. Saskatchewan - Chris Best (OLB) - Duke
  5. Montreal - Matthieu Proulx (DB) - Laval
    6) Hamilton - Jesse Lumsden (RB) - McMaster
  6. Saskatchewan - Nathan Hoffart (SB) - Saskatchewan
    8 ) British Columbia - Alexis Bwengi (RB) - Kentucky
  7. Toronto - Nick Kaczur (OL) - Toledo

Round 2
10) Calgary - Godfrey Ellis (OL) - Acadia
11) Toronto - Raymond Fontaine (LB) - Kentucky
12) Montreal - Jeff Piercy (RB) - Saskatchewan
13) Montreal - Thomas Whitfield (DB) - Syracuse
14) Toronto - Phillipe Audet (DL) - Laval
15) Hamilton - Fabio Filice (OL) - McMaster
16) Montreal - Phillip Gauthier (DB) - Laval
17) British Columbia - Pierre Tremblay (OL) - Laval
18 ) Toronto - Jeff Keeping (SB) - Western Ontario

Round 3

  1. Calgary - John Comiskey (OT) - Windsor
  2. Ottawa - Les Mullings (RB) - Saint Marys
  3. Toronto - (Pick forfeited)
  4. Saskatchewan - Matt Kudu (DL) - Eastern Michigan
  5. Edmonton - Timothy O'Neill (OL) - Calgary
    24) Hamilton - Francois Brouchu (ST) - Boston College
  6. Montreal - Victor Kabral (DT) - Georgia Southern
  7. British Columbia - Dave Lowry (LB) - Alberta
  8. British Columbia - Patrick Pierre-Louis (LB) - UCLA
:thdn: As a former B.C.I. alumnius I'll have to correct you Espo. He attended Assumption I think but they didn't have a football team at the time so he transfered to B.C.I. and anchored a very dominant team for 2 or 3 years.

Too bad, Nick!

Kaczur Could not Stop Strahan and Umenyiora
The Line just could not stop the Dline.
They Put Pressure on Brady and Made them go Short.

Big surprise a QB with the last name of Brady chokes when pressured... lol

At least Tom's first name isn't Marcus...

In the botton line the patriots oline couldnt get it done!