new empire field unbelievable

Here is the our new link to empire field, looks unreal.

And it is not even finished yet. lokk at the interier the exterier looks a little plan.

This is what a CFL Football Stadium should look like.


Very sleek . . . very sexy. Nice Work.

...this is pretty cool, can't wait for the first televised game from there...

That view reminds me of the tee boxes at Silvertip, simply breath taking.

Not a bad 27,500-seat stadium for $14 million with 80% covered seats and brand new FieldTurf! :rockin:

I would say so Xuys! :thup:

Nice.......bring one here to Toronto.

People like Phil Lind and Rogers Corp will do everything in their power to prevent that argotom, maybe MLSE as well.

Because they are afraid.

You are correct Earl, however I still say there is a deal possible with the Argos and York U.
Although I read if the Hamilton deal does not go through this may be plan B, none of us want this to happen and hopefully that crazy Hamilton mayor and the new mediator will be able to work out.

Oh no please don't let that messy argument spread like a cancer all over this site? :frowning:

I've been whipsawed and whiplashed so much trying to follow the arguments and some of the finer points that at this point I can't wait until they finally decide on a site wherever and don't care anymore so long as they don't build that new stadium in a dumpy area I guess. :expressionless:

Please note, only look at the first 5 images in the link. The others (exterior pics) were taken several weeks ago.

The only buzz kill? I read that incoming President Dennis Skulsky is in favour of on-field advertising as a revenue generator, something eschewed in the past by Ackles and Braley. B.C. has enjoyed an ad-free field for the past 5 years....this will soon be a thing of the past.

gotta make money to survive.

I can live with the advertising on the field, but the soccer markings really annoy me. I like what the Esks are doing with their field. They ordered it with NO marking whatsoever, so they can put fresh ones on whenever they are needed. It should make for a nice clean looking field.

Just returned from a well attended Season Ticket holder's event where fans were able to walk inside the stadium and get a good look at where their seats will be. Good on the Lions for hosting this event. Free hot dog and soft drink, lots of veterans and alumni were on hand to sign autographs, dance team performance, face painting for kids, radio broadcast of today's game etc.

The sightlines at Empire Field are going to be incredible. End zones will be tight but fans are going to be right on top of the action. Brand new FIFA approved field turf is like a lush golf fairway! Club has exceeded 18,000 season tickets and think 20,000 is a realistic target.

Here are some pics:
Looking southeast

View of the west sideline

Is this a temporary stadium? Anyways, it will be a great filler until BC place is finished. Empire should be a permanent stadium. Other than the pillars obstructing some of the views, it is perfect.

Amazing technology... Put together in mere months too. This is exactly the type of stadiums the CFL needs.

just got back from empie too and have to say unbelivable, but i have to say they have some work to do on the exterier of the stadium first of all the white mesh over the scafling looks terribale you can see through it and i guess they are not finished with organizing the washrooms, conecssions, or sovenier stands yet. i hope they put something over that white mesh, like advertising, or make it look like the original photo they showed us. if not i will be very dissapointed.

I agree, I hope that they have the stadium decorated with Lions logos as they did in the artists rendering, otherwise people oblivious to news won't know what's going on.

And yeah, the stadium looks great, my seats are so much closer to the field and the place as a whole is so intimate. BC Place is going to have to be spectacular to compete with this thing..

Couple of points, correct me if I am wrong.

I thought those in charge had mentioned previously that they didn't want it to look too fancy as they don't want Lions fans falling in love with the place ala McGill in Montreal, that might explain the rather plain look.

Secondly I think for 14 million dollars that's amazing, really not that out of place amongst some other stadiums in this league. It should be a heckuva an experience for Lions fans this year.