"New" Elks jerseys

Part of me hoped for a drastic change I guess, despite my closet fill of EE jerseys. I understand it being more cost effective to just erase any mention of the word Eskimo. Fair enough. So replace Eskimo with Edmonton and call it new? Better step it up with the gear!

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I don't see why they cannot continue to incorporate an "EE" into logos, for it still works plus is the common link to the positive of the history that cannot be erased anyway.

For some people with all the outcry, who heavily are not indigenous as otherwise have a rightful argument, it's probably too soon and all that.

Yeah I'd like to see the EE somewhere, just put it on the sleeves or the back of the jersey. I'm sure they will eventually

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The Elks have gone to white numbers though! Why? Why make the jersey more closely resemble that of the Green Bay Packers? Bad, bad, move.




Overall the look is good, but just need yellow numbers.


I think most people agree with that eh

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Totally agree amigo!!

Couldn’t agree more.
Radical helmet, then they go even further towards Green Bay with the jersey. Dumb move