NEW Edmonton Team Name 2022?

It's a unique season, but it's dreaded for our team with a new name. I don't like this omen. Do we rename the team again now?

Here's a poll of some names, and keep in mind you visitors, this is a team forum not the general room.

If You Could Rename The Team, Which Name Would You Choose For 2022?

New Edmonton Team Name 2022?
  • Evergreens
  • Excaliburs
  • Extremes
  • 39ers
  • Mean Green Machine (aka the MGMs)
  • Imperials
  • Empire
  • No Change - I Like Elks Just Fine
  • Express
  • Extremos

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You missed the obvious EE name, the Edmonton Elizondos! :laughing:


No Vote here but you really need to keep the EE in the name...nothing wrong with Elk...but the focus should be on running the GM and coach off of the team....not the new name

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Ah, well, nope, they are going to move on from that hot mess one way or the other and for the better, so better luck to another team somewhere with that ambition.

Aye I agree though I do have my superstitious side and well, I'm not feeling the new name anyway so I created this poll.

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I can see your point , can you imagine the uproar If the Stampeders or the riders or Bombers changed names...

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We have only 10 votes so far but keep them coming those of you reading this for the first time who have an interest.

So far we have enough variety of opinion so as to merit a discussion.

Also, in general beyond the forum I wonder how many of those who want no change figure that Elks is just fine only because they don't see better alternatives. Or if they have another recommendation that is not on the list above of course.

I like Exiles as a darker name .

Kinda goes with the times the esks were exiled .

the state of being barred from one's native country, typically for political or punitive reasons.

Kept the green only went into a darker shade of green or more their original green with the gold . It would have been a cool to be an exile .

Should've spent sometime on it and made it a counter culture name that stuck .

Kept the uni simple and simplistic stark . The new double EE would just be the gold letters with no frame around it on a dark green helmet with one solid gold stripe or a gold helmet with just a double E in dark green .

This colour of dark green would have been perfect with simple gold for numbers on front and back and collar .

I like the suggestions on the colour scheme - I do feel that whatever is done or not, the original colours will stick as one of the ties to the long history along with the EE in some logos.


We can all agree the EE needs to stay. The name elks isn't great but they spent tons of money changing it. CFL isn't profitable can't afford to change it again. As a thought experiment I like Express I suppose. Evergreen isn't terrible but I dunno. Empire is the coolest but obviously won't happen :roll_eyes:

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You mean like, Manitoba Blue Bombers?

Well EE is, it appears, all we agree on. It looks like some of the locals on here have remarked that the local enthusiasm for the new name is very low too.

It's too easy to blame what looks like a mistake for the choice on the pandemic and on the shorter season after the very long delay.

It's time for a return to Edmonton Football Team before another rebrand. Just sell merchandise with the EE for now just fine with the second "E" undefined.

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Neil Young wrote a fantastic song called Double E found on his Greendale album.

It was meant to be.

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"Old man look at EE, I'm a lot like youuu ..."

Ah well, not that one, I know, but that's what came to mind. :smiley_cat:

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Yeah that ship sailed. They spent too much money to turn back, hell yeah they should've rested on EE football club for a year.

Ah I don't subscribe to the "sunken cost theory."

When you make a branding or a business mistake, it's far more costly to stay the losing course and then no matter what you are out whatever you are out to date.

Go back to EE and do-over it's not too late especially knowing that a full season next year, though fully expected by almost all of us if not all of us now, is anything but a foregone conclusion given all that can go wrong over this winter.

Never really spent enough time analyzing the logo .

But it looks a lot like the Browning logo .

Well, alright then fine, as I have suggested but as you imply would be more emphatic, should we just follow the lead of Kevin O'Leary and take this new name and logo behind the barn and put it out of its misery with a blast?

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How about the Edmonton Entity. Totally generic and does have a little bit of a ring to it.