New edition to the blue and gold

Happy to hear that you guys picked up Grahme Bell, I know him fairly well, and he is a hell of an athlete. He played running back, slotback, and back up kicker here in Saskatoon with the Hilltops and then the Huskies. I played against him in High school, and he ran over me a few times. I rememebr watching films of him before our game. He had this 30 yd run going, and all he had left was the safety to beat. he could have easily outrun him into the enedzone, but instead he ran straight for him, puit his shoulder down, blew the guy up and then ran into the endzone. Now you guys got two of last year's Huskies, the other being Chad Rempel. Hope they do well. Except maybe against us in two weeks and three weeks

seems like there's an 'in' for these guys in the PEG......did Daley recruit them through his Sask. connections .... someone here has good reads on these guys....isn't Ryan out of there as well...anyway we know what Jon can do....... now if could all be good. :arrow:

Ryan is from the Rams, which are in Regina.
If Rempel can stay healthy for you he could be a good canadian reciever for you. he has good hands, speed and size.
Bell is a bit smaller, 5'11 , 210 ish, but he is super fast and strong. he hits like a truck, trust me I know (he never broke my tackles though, hehe).

Hey BS, what position would he play in the CFL..

that is the question, he can play rb, fb, sb, wr, kr, kicker. At leats that is all he played at the U of S. So my guess he will be a special teamer, and maybe get in the future get some reps at sb in a role like corey holmes (not saying he is anyway similar/ as good as corey)