New DL aquired from the Als

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A true NI rush end. This may be the end of NML.......

I hope so, Maybe the blue team still wants him, can we squeeze a draft pick out of them?

Why does NML have to go? Maybe having another rush end will help NML produce more?

What took this deal so long? It's not like only now did we figure out that we need a pass rush.

Good pickup by Hamilton, don't really know what they paid for him but Als had huge hopes in Kashama. He fell out of favour this year and the Als had been looking at moving him for a month now.

Someone finally woke up? Who knows - glad Obie is finally taking charge.

NML has put on a good bit of weight and lost a huge jump and is much slower, not to mention the extra weight gives him back problems. Notice he has not put up good numbers this year. Maybe we can get a high draft pick out of the blue team, or a defender, any good unused defenders on the blue team?

Kashama was making 120k, guess the als asked him to take a pay cut and well he said NO lol!

8) Maybe Marcel told Obie to get him !!!! :roll:

But will he report?

For 120k...and had his stats this year. I would.

Wasn't he reported to have spleen problems.

No spleen is good. Only issue with Kashama is foot odour. Good to go !

He's a fun-guy

No one can accuse Cat fans of losing their sense of humour!

Who Cares? Not a game changer. Another guy who had a good year with another team and when they decide to let him go, we bite. Traded him for a draft pick - so we gave up the draft pick we got for Moreno to get Kashama. All in all, we've gained nothing if we even got back to par.

not a bad pickup

we got a first round pick from Winnipeg, were giving Montreal a conditional round pick so it will prbably be a 3rd or 4th rounder.

We still have the pick we got from winnipeg

Yeah, I've decided to hold off on the cartwheels as well.