New Director of Officials has been named

According to the CFL Website Tom Higgins has been named as Director of Officials

I was Hoping for Real Official...
The CFL Dropped the Ball on this one

I was Hoping for Real Official... The CFL Dropped the Ball on this one
Why? When the real officials are the problem. I like the hire of a guy that had to put up with how the official call the game.

I prefer that it is a football man per se and not the run-of-the-mill hire from officialdom (or -dumb, if you prefer). We shall see if the quality of officiating will improve now that a non-zebra is in the role of main reviwer.

Oski Wee Wee,

I question this appointment somewhat. Tom Higgins is a good football man and I am sure he knows the rules but is he the best man for this position?

I had a read of his bio and he has never assumed any postion such as this.

We all curse the officials but they have come up through the ranks of officiating and are experienced in how the rules are interpreted and how calls should be judged.

If Higgins decides to implement a new philosophy among the officials will this set back the learning curve that everyone has be attaining to over the last few years?

Time will tell how things go but I'm not sure if Tom Higgins will be able to instill the confidence among the officials that is required.

Who would you suggest and are they available?

Who is Longest Serving Official in The CFL.
Jake Ireland should got this job IMO.
He know rules inside and out
he has Been around the CFL for years.

As for a person to appoint I'm not sure. However, the league has to ask; why has the officiating suffered and how can it be improved?

Is Tom Higgins the best person for this? I'm not sure. But you think the league would have got someone with an officiating background rather than a former head coach.

Maybe getting a 'non-officiating' view point is what the league needs. George Black was a CFL official right? How did that work out?

I am not so much backing up the hiring of Higgins but the hiring of a non ex-official.

I agree completly with this hiring.

First off, Higgins has worked for 20+ years in the CFL and knows the rules inside and out. As well, he’s well liked and respected by league officials.

As far as giving the job to the longest tenured official, well, I seriously disagree with that idea.

For starters, what happens to the depth of referee talent if you take the longest serving guy and put him in a suit behind a desk? Who calls the games that person would have officialed?

Being the head of officiating is not about being a referee, it’s about setting policy and achieving the goals set out by the league. In Higgins case, strengthening the depth of officiating talent around the league.

Finally, I’m not certain, but I think that Jake Ireland is the longest serving official (he certainly looks it), would you want him setting policy for every game across the league.

Higgins provides a fresh start and eliminates one of the major points of controversy and concern with the CFL; that being George Black.

The worst the Higgins hiring is going to do is maintain the status quo, the best is that he significantly improves the quality of refereeing in the CFL and brings in new and talents up-and-coming refs of the future.

Why, that is none other than Jake Ireland.

I'll take Tom Higgins, thanks. Or, that rat in the basement. Maybe the raoch under the fridge...

Yep, I'm sure their goal was to improve offiating not hire someone like Black who will make constant excuses for the refs and not tolerate any negative comments towards them. Higgins is a great guy who will be more receptive to criticism and not be such a controling dictator. Just like last year I remember hearing that Glen Suitor got an angry email from Black half way through the broadcast to lay off the refs lol.

Exactly! Why hire the same incompetence to fix the incompetent?

I submit that an effective candidate for this position must tow the hardline and show backbone - CERTAINLY not obvious qualities in one such as Higgins. Wonderfully kind individual, but I've never been sold on his grit and mettle.

Tom was on the team 1040 am radio this week and was very impressive. he spoke at length about how the officials have to be consistant. This is something that has been sadly lacking for a number of years. That is identifing something that while known by the "insiders of officialdom" was not addressed in the past.

Simply put, Higgins won't have any blind spots based on being a past zebra -- he's coming into this knowing the terrain of CFL officiating from an outside perspective.

He knows when officials didn't meet his expectations as a head coach. He knows about replay. He certainly has a clue about the rules. No problemo so far for me.

If he can coordinate this with official types in his office, there's no reason he can't do well, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,