New Depth Chat is up and it interactive

The new Depth Chart for Edmonton game is up

[url=] ... _team_id=6[/url]

You now have a Choice of Text or Interactive.

Really Really Cool

That is way too cool! Now if we could only click on the player and move them up and down the field like penny football. Awesome stuff guys keep up the good work.

Wow that's awesome.... nice job

Yeah, this is just another example of why the Ticats website is by far the best in the CFL, if not in all of professional football.

And it is reflected by the number of forum members and knowledgeable posters!

  • paul

Hey that pretty neat, or as the younger generation says "cool and awesome".
The NFL has something like that but they give the player's HT - WT as well, and last years stats if they had any.

You're just pi$$ed because the Double Blue website didn't come up with it first :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think that's my generation. Kids today are saying stuff like, phat. Whatever the heck that means.

It is a cool addition to the website.

sterotype. I dont think anyone uses the word "Phat" anymore. Thats late 90's stuff. & its only the "wannabe gangsters" that use terms like that anyways.

Cool & awesome are still basically used today.

all in all Phillip Gauthier starting at safety. Intrested in seeing how that goes & the new corner Tiller is dressing too. Not bad. good lineup thats going to secure another ticat win.

I like it.

Interesting on-field perspective. Well done (and fan-friendly). :thup:

My only beef is that the role of "special teams assassin" isn't located on the chart... :smiley:

Great job!

Oski Wee Wee,

Can we have an interactive list of members in the forum?

We could have an all-troll dream team.

Congratulations to the Ticat organization in continuing to make improvements to what was already the best website in the CFL. The Ticat TV features and the interactive depth chart will further inform and entertain Ticat fans locally, across the country and around the world. Well done!

LOL... I know a few nominees for that team...