New depth chart for tommorow nite

Hey all the New depth Chart is up and there are a few new quirks to it.

  1. Flick and Peterson starting WR- B.Ralph listed as second string SB behind gasp Yeast

  2. Radlein is playing, Lezi is his back up. Aidoo 3rd string running back

  3. Anthony Davis is MIA

  4. Gordon behind Beverideg for safety

5.Armour is starting strong side, Auggie in the middle, Mariuz weakside.

  1. Pascal Cheron is MIA as well.

  2. Morreale 3rd string SB

Well thats all that i felt was significant to report. Check it our yourselves and id love to hear what you all think.

I think that the depth chart tweaks this week are just to get some different looks at guys to see what they can bring to the table in a game situation. Rosters have to be finalized by Saturday so tommorow nights game is going to be huge.

my thoughts on the depth chart ..

I am not a patterson fan and would much rather ralf to start . I'd rather use an american to start if you don't start ralf.

Where is steve Jousue . I hope this team does not waste the talents of josue,marshall and Brooks by starting Barrenchea...we have enough good canadian linebackers that can start...It would be nice to see brooks in the middle .

i quite like kavil and Guardner over almost any reciever we have and it looks like neither may make the team..Vaughn is getting old, yeast is so inconsistent and undisciplined, flick is solid .

I think Eakin will push to become starter .

I hope we can find a spot for Davis .

Barbers looks great at corner . What is the infatuation with Justin ?

Wayne shaw at safety no ! Gordon all the way please ..

Sometimes I think we only bring in all these guys to push barrenchea, justin, Cox, Patterson, shaw , yeast . As it seems all of them will keep their job though none are really worthy .

Barrenchea will not keep up with Ricky Williams that I can guarantee

[quote="gerbear9"]my thoughts on the depth chart ..

I am not a patterson fan and would much rather ralf to start . Iummm hey buddy yu've made a couple of mistakes. Barrenchea is Canadian. Josue,Brooks and Marshal are american. Justin is an infatuation because hes great

What made you think I did not know Barrenchea is Canadian . Don't get me wrong I think he is a good player but they need a Tom Cousineau, Barren Sampson , Calvin Tiggle type in the middle and Brooks looks like he could be that . Maybe Barrenchea could move on the sides or go with a 3- 4 defence and remove D 0. Peterson from the DL and they could both play the middle .
I do not share the same opinion if Justin a this point in time and I hope I am wrong .

You don't go with 3-4 when Cotton and Cheatwood are part of your front 7...

Barrenechea may not be starting during the season, they're just giving him the chance to play, if he earns the start, he earns it.

My thoughts:

Guys who have to play well or it's bye bye:
-Kosienski (O-Line)
-Fowlkes (R)
-Lezi (RB)
-Josten (QB)
-Bradley, Babers, Bearman and Beveridge (DB)
-Mayne, Cunningham and Schroeder (DL)

Guys who won't play who are probably already gone:
-Josue (LB)
-Sanders (DL)

A guy who won't play because the team thinks he's too good to risk injury:
-Davis (RB)
(**this guy will be the surprise of the CFL in 2006)

Important new guys who I want to see step it up and play well:
-Gordon (DB)
-Brooks, Marshall and Mariuz (LB)
-Fatafehi (DL)
-Gardner and Quinnie (R)

ticatsack i think thats pretty good. the only thing i would disagree with is that bradley has to really impress the team. I really like this guy and think he could start, but i agree with the rest.

i do hope Babers has a good game ..not sure why josue is already gone . I agree with most of what you say especially the last one ..time for brooks , marshall, fatafehi, and guardner to shine ...i think brooks and guardner already have but if they have a good a game they will be tough to cut..i am not sold on quinnie and i think mariuz has already played good ...i think barrenchea better play well or he might lose a starting spot to an american well kavil might want to shine too as well as ralf .....

like i said before ..i just hope they don't ship out all this good talent thay have brought in ( cavil , brooks , guardner, davis, marshall , barbers ) to me it would seem a waste ...

my bet is gardner's a starting WR come opening day...davis has made the team deceptive thing in pre-season is the ratio doesn't matter...once it does matter, a canadian wideout might make it possible to start two import coaches have a tough and complicated job..but at least this year, they have positive choices to make

I'm not sure about Lezi being on this list, as I understand he can do well on special teams. It looks like we'll see more of him at fullback, though. I understand that Fowlkes can do well on kick returns, and that's likely what he'll have to do tonight to make the team. And Josten will have to play at least as well as he did last week, I'd say, but I'd like to see more of Richie Williams tonight.

I have to agree with this. These two are unlikely to make the team and are out for the same reason Brad Banks was not in Winnipeg's lineup for their last preseason game.

Yes, Davis doesn't have to worry about whether or not he'll make the team. But I'm still not so sure about what he's being left out of the lineup. If there's a position where we can afford an injury, it's running back. And if injury risk is a concern, why are many of our guaranteed startes playing? It could be to get them to coninue to gel together perhaps, but I still don't quite get this. And I'm also not sure what's with Aidoo being listed as a running back rather than a fullback.

Now this last section, I do find quite interesting. I do hope to see these players you mentioned keep improving and play well tonight. Other players I'd like to add to that list are Greg Randall and Damion Cook. I understand that they still need to adjust, and once they do, will be great to have on our offensive line.

Is Terry Vaughn dressing at SB for tonights game?