New Defensive Players Today.

more to my point was (not even considering his talent) Belli is the heart and soul of the Defense. taking him off the field regularly at this point in his career would be a mistake IMO.

If the Cats were to use a 3-4 defense then I guarantee Belli won't be coming off of teh field. A 3-4 defense used at certain times would look like this I would think.

DE - Belli
NT - Fatafehi
DE - Cotton, Cheatwood

DE's would rotate in an out to stay fresh. Also it's important to note that in a 3-4 you could line Cheat up as a pass rushing OLB.

WILL - Mariuz, Auggie, or Cox
MIKE - Brooks
MLB - Marshall
SAM - Armour or Cheatwood

The WILL is your speedster or pass coverage guy. So depending on your situation you could bring Cox in for pass coverage or use Auggie or Mariuz to confuse the offense as to what you are doing.

The SAM is your blitzer so using Armour or Cheatwood makes the most sense.

In the middle is where your rush is going to come from so having to big guys like Brooks and Marshall would be the best thing to do.

I would think the base is going to be 4-3 but we do have the players to apply the 3-4 at times and still keep ratios in check because in a 3-4 you need big DE's to tie up the O Linemen so the LB's can penetrate.

I do agree but it would be pretty hard to keep a guy on the sidelines that is outperforming him. (I’m not at all saying that anyone will be better then him, but if someone like Fatafehi is then he should see the field as much or more then Belli.)

just reply to some of you but this is my first time in here i'm from the US and i know Torrance marshall have for a very long time. But he should bring alot of excitement to your team this year. He is a wonderful player and takes his football seriously i just hope he follows through on things and does a great job i'm getting use to this change from being in the NFL to arena footbal to this now. I'm not likeing the idea of him being so far away since i have his 7 soon to 8 year old son. Anyways but yeah he should be good for your team and i hope he does well..

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Well, I certainly do think it'll be great to have Torrance Marshall on the team. Some have said that he appeared to be brought because with his NFL experience, he was brought in because we'll be up against Ricky Williams a few times this year. But I'm not so sure if this is part of an arms race with our rivals down the road. I think we're just bringing in the best talent we can bring in, as there are other teams that we have to play against. :slight_smile:

Oh, and that error about him and Fatafehi being non-imports? That appears to have been corrected.

Torrance has great Talent and he'll do his best againest Ricky i'm for sure of that. He'll do great for your team and you guys are lucky to get him. His NFL seasons with green Bay were great he did what he could to help the team out but also they said he didn't live up to what they expected him to be which really pissed me off but anyways he'll do great for you i know.. and thanks for the welcome just as long as people keep me up to date on him i'll be happy..good luck tonight guys.. :stuck_out_tongue: