New Decade - New GM - New Quest for Cup!

The sky isn't falling, but the RIders have a new GM.

It is interesting that Miller is the new vice-president of football operations effectively making Taman answer to him.

The GM position was in shambles this past season with a literal patch-work of multiple guys taking over for ET anyways.

I am not concerned that our new GM is Brendan Taman. I highly doubt that ET did anything this past year.

The remarkable part is this quote from Taman regarding getting a Grey Cup victory:

"We're gonna do it. We've been close, really close last year, but we're gonna get over the hump. I'm gonna guarantee that shortly so, that's what I'm here to do."

I am happy to see the word "guarantee" in there. Winners are not insecure. Winners put it out there for all to hear.

I make my own claim: "I guarantee the Grey Cup will go to the Saskatchewan Roughriders!"

Make the claim with me!

Way to go Rider Fans! 43 views and not a single one of you willing to make a claim for the Grey Cup.

Please forfeit your season tickets to:
Thryllin' Dylan
PO Box: 80085
Regina, Saskatchewan

Boo yah! Burn!

I don’t Guarantee anything that I have NO CONTROL over. It sure would be AWESOME for Taman to live up to his guarantee.

This strikes me as a bit odd; am I the only one?

Ken Miller is Vice-President of Football Operations.

Under him is Brendan Taman as General Manager.

Under him is Ken Miller as head coach.

So. . . the GM goes to the coach and says "you're fired". . . then the VP of Football Ops goes to the GM and says "you're fired", and promptly rehires Ken Miller as head coach.

Odd. . .

The set-up is simply mimmicking the arrangement of 2009 season sinceTillman had everybody else doing his job.

Taman is basically getting help while doing the job. I think it works well, at least it did this past season.

It may say that they don't entirely want Taman in complete control, but it also points to the idea that if it works, keep doing it. I believe they have it set up this way because it is a effiencient way of getting things done.

I hear you Thryllin. . . just that it strikes me as being somewhat odd that your subordinate can simultaneously be your superior.

...there's probably a cream or anointment for that...

HAAAA! :lol: