New DE, other roster additions

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McElveen's a solid lineman, but not a game-breaker. Hopefully he's a good fit in Hamilton.

That's all we need for now really, it would have been a total unproven taking the spot opposite Peach.I'm happy :thup:

We're in the opposite position from you: we have one proven end (Bowman) like you do, but we'll likely be going with someone unproven (Daunte Akra, Chima Ihekwoaba, or a new face) at the other end spot. Should be interesting to see what happens this season!

We need to be cautiously optimistic about signing McElveen. He doesn't even show up on his own team's top 5 leading stats for tackles and sacks from last season, let alone the League.

Good signing, but I think, Peach will be the team's leading sack leader by season's end. I more anxious about Hickman coming back then this acquisition.

Please convince me I'm wrong. I certainly wish I will be....

He wasn't really given a chance in Montreal. They were so strong upfront that they couldn't fit him in. When he did play he was effective. I'm happy about this signing.

Ah, no. He was given every chance to replace Keron Williams but was too inconsistent. He performed decently in 2010, and then lost his job in 2011. Our defensive line hasn't really been strong the past two years and if Jermaine had been up to the task, he would have stayed in Montreal. Popp would have brought him back but probably at a reduced salary. He balked at that, after which we went out and spent our free-agent dollars on other players (Hunt, Davis, etc.). After a few weeks of idleness in free agency, McElveen wanted to come back, but by that time, we'd moved on.

Here's what I could find on Jermaine McElveen....


McElveen tied for 5th in the CFL and 2nd on the Alouettes' for most sacks and led the team for most fumble recoveries.
Won a 2nd Grey Cup with the Alouettes'.


Finished 4th for most sacks on the Alouettes'.
Won the Grey Cup with the Alouettes'.


He led the Alouettes in fumble recoveries and finished third in sacks and tackles for losses.


He was on the Tennessee Titans’ roster before joining the Alouettes’ practice roster at mid-season.


He started all 12 games in 2006, registering 35 tackles, eight tackles for a loss and two sacks… In 2005, he played 10 games, recording 26 tackles, four tackles for a loss and two sacks… In 2004, he played 12 games, starting three, and totalling 29 tackles, five tackles for a loss and three sacks.

Be clear: I am not slagging Jermaine. He's a good football player. I'm glad he's caught on in Hamilton, and I hope he's productive for you at end (except when you play Montreal, LOL). I'm just saying that he had a very fair chance to grab the reins as an Alouette and didn't get the job done.

Hi Discipline:

I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying, and you have had more of an opportunity to see McElveen up close than I have, so I will defer to your judgment on this one.

I hope he turns out to be a great one for us. I'm just being cautious. Although, I have faith in Obie's ability.

Hey, no problem. If we sign an ex-Hamilton player, I'd pay attention, in my turn, to what Cats fans such as yourself have to say about that player. In any case, McElveen can play both end and tackle, which should be useful for you guys.

Could make for some interesting stunt with him and Rose, who also seems to be an either/or player.

Definitely, though he did have more success as an Alouette when used as a tackle. Last year, the plan was to start him at end, but he didn’t fare too well there. Granted, our entire defense wasn’t great, but he lost his job to Anwar Stewart, who was supposed to used more sparingly / played inside, and then he lost his starting position to Moton Hopkins.