New DE Jason VEGA might be a keeper.....

I got down to Mac yesterday and was blown away by the size and speed that Jason VEGA has. This guy is a hybrid of Joe Montford and Cameron Wake. Extremely fast, blows off the line, and recovers quickly to get around the tackle.

I think he might push either Long, McIntyre or Hickman for their jobs.

I watched his highlight film, posted on this site. and it only confirmed what I saw. I think he may be a keeper… :thup:

Agree, young fast and strong, be interesting to see how he makes out.

I saw his 10 min highlight video with at least 70-80 great plays. On every single snap he was very aggressive and fast.

I was there as well yesterday. If the object in a camp is to be noticed then he certainly was many times. Real quick with good power.

Loved the punter as well averaging 45+ and a Canadian Linebacker I believe Douluille or something like that. Also several burners on punt return but could not see names. I also could not go today so only a one day impression but I thought Vega was the best rookie player on the field in my opinion.

Obie is one of the best football finder of talent in any league period.

where is this clip u speek of?

It's as if some people have never heard of google or youtube..

:lol: I know right?

Was it that hard to type ----> search: Jason Vega ----> scroll down a few vids, bingo!

He isn’t blocked in a lot of the clips of his sacks in the highlight reel, but that may be a byproduct of his speed. It would be nice to rack up the sack count this year. We haven’t had a sackmaster since Montford.

OR i could ask one of you guys’ as you probbibly went threw the crap clips and found a good one! there by saving me time

Geez! OK, you guys won't be seeing me at training camp as I live half way around the world, but from that video, if he can move like that consistently on a CFL field, Obie will have proved once again what a genius talent finder he is. Wake he isn't, yet, but give him time. This guy could become something special. 06/03/2010

I also noticed in that video that he had speed, and he was considered a "standout" on day 1 of training camp according to the Ticats Confidential blog.

It is good to hear that. Maybe we're seeing why another punter was not brought in to compete with Palardy. And I think the Canadian player you're referring to is Yahia Dhalloul who is listed as a DL on the roster.

I remember last season when we were discussing who stood out. Some of those players turned out being good, others did not do as much for us. But it is interesting to hear about possible early rookie of the year candidates are for us.

When I saw the title "might be a keeper..........Thought you were talking "Soccer"!!! why do we need a keeper.

But he does look impressive on the Youtube video. I have to watch him at practice on Monday!

He certainly does look like a keeper from his hi-light reel on You Tube. Thanks for posting the link - much appreciated. While it is sometimes hard to judge a player from same, the number of fantastic plays he made certainly gives one hope that he is indeed a special player. One tongue-in-cheek question though, Will a Vega(n) be able to "eat em raw"?

I really hope you all are right, but it's a little early to be calling him the next Wake or Montford lol

Steel also doesn't look out of place out there and wonder why he went so late in the draft.

No clue at all.Best DL in the draft byfar and was ranked top 5 overall.I never dreamed that he’d fall that late in the draft and that we’d get him.At 13 I was hoping to high hell that we either got Taurean Allen or Eddie Steele and I was very upset when we traded up.Then again very upset when we took Fournier over Steele.Jumped for joy when we finally did take him though, this kids got the goods.

My first car was a Vega.

He's much faster off of the line than my car was.

I love the way that the doors on the Vega kept sticking and people (like my brother-in-law) had to climb in through the back hatch. I hope that this new Vega can blow the doors off.