New DC

Would any of the experts on this panel consider either Hitch or Ben Zambiazi forthis position?
Would you consider keeping Crehan with either of these two as assistant?
Would you consider bringing in some one else and keeping Crehan as an assistant? Who is available to bring in?

Not to sound like an ass ... But it really doesn't matter who WE would consider bringing in as DC or an assistant. It's who Cortez will consider & ultimately bring in. He has full purview of his coaching staff & players that dress & see the field. And this is will only get more so as Cortez's power grows through attrition, retirement & corporate evolution.

That being said ... I do expect to see something done within the defensive coaching staff. But as far a guys like Zambiasi and Hitchcock ... No. What I expect to see is proven veteran coaches. Think guys like Daly & Zamberlin. Experienced guys that wish to still coach but have no aspirations of being a HC. Guys that think the same way Cortez does and won't rock the boat questioning him or his decisions. I think the gap in approach between him & Creehan was too much. Whether it be age or experience or both or something else. But I doubt you'll see a rookie DC or a young, fiery guy.

Think guy who is older, experienced, reserved, satisfied at being #2.

Creehan will not accept an assistant position within Hamilton. That is a demotion. If he does accept an assistant job, it will be with another organization that he respects more than Hamilton & a coach who he respects as more than just "the boss"! (in reference to an interview he gave earlier this year)

No, no and noWe need experience. No more projects

Zamberlin has one year of positional coaching in the CFL.

I want someone who has experience has a defensive coordinator in this league. A Gregg Marshall or Gary Etcheverry.

Agreed. Was referring to the age & overall experience & type of individual when I mentioned Zamberlin. Not necessarily that he'd be a DC consideration. That being said, if Cortez likes Zamberlin, then Zamberlin it is.

Chip Garber canned in WPG, paves way for Creehan to go back there & Garber to be a strong candidate here.

I realize the situation between Creehan and George Cortez......but I'm sure the last thing Cortez needed was to have to coach Creehan too!
So...options that include Creehan in ANY capacity is NOT acceptable to me. :thdn:

Are best bet in my opinion is Greg Marshall #2 with his bend don't break defence as he is a proven coordinator and was liked in Hamilton last time , I believe the reason he was not in the CFL this year is he was still owed the rest of his salary from Saskatchewan

Winnepeg Free Press Nov2:

"The identity of the new Bombers defensive coordinator was one hot topic of discussion, with a couple of familiar names dropped such as former Bombers defensive coordinator Greg Marshall and Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive coordinator Casey Creehan.

As the press conference on Thursday to announce Burke was the Bombers' full-time head coach and no longer the interim bench boss, Burke had announced that he would be replacing himself as defensive coordinator.

"First of all, he (Creehan) has got another year left on his contract so I really don't want to speculate on it. He's got a two-year contract and you just can't make a lateral move, you don't get that choice," Burke said.

Asked if he'd consider Creehan if he were fired by the Tiger-Cats, whose defence was largely outclassed in their last game of the season on Thursday night in a 43-40 loss, in which the Toronto Argonauts used many backup players on offence.

"We have a good guy on our staff in Chip Garber (linebackers coach). Whatever we do, I definitely will let you guys know as soon as we do it, how's that?" Burke said, smiling."

If you read between the lines, Creehan may not be going anywhere.

And then he/they went and fired Chip Garber ... So I'm not reading much into anything they said previously!

Good point, but my point was in the bold type regarding Burke's comment about lateral moves. Given the terrible season our defense had under the tutelage of Creehan, how many of the 7 remaining teams are going to be calling Jarvis St. looking to take up his contract as a DC.?? Not many I suspect. Unless he leaves in a different role, he may be staying.

My vote is dc - Greg marshall
New occur - Paul lapolice

OTTIS FLOYD for DC :rockin:

Really ... I just went on the Blue Bomber website and Chip Garbage is still there,

Well, I hate to say it, but he hasn't been released I think Creehan is sticking around.

He won't be released (should have been released in July) at this time. He is on a one year contract and the classy way to handle the situation is for him just not to be asked back rather than try to embarass the guy. Behind the scenes, I am sure he has already been told that he is free to look elsewhere but I do not see any point in making a spectacle of it.

I would like to see Orlando Steinauer.. Hes done great things with the argos secondary :cowboy:

Might be a moot point. According to Drew in the Spec it looks increasingly likely the move will happen. Just have to wait and see.

Garber was fired, but the league has a gag order on teams announcing moves before the Grey Cup (I'm not kidding, either), so the move can't be officially made until the Tuesday after the trophy is awarded. But Garber is gone in Winnipeg.

Not according to Tim Burke. This was already posted in this thread; you must have missed it:

Burke says Creehan is on a two-yer deal, not a one-year deal.

I've heard conflicting info about Creehan's contract. If he still does have another year left, it would be WAY cheaper for Bob Young to buy out his contract than to lose the thousands of fans that would tune out another dreadful season in 2013.

Next season is likely going to be dreadful regardless of the coaches. This is a team that went 1-8 on the road this year. Even during the '09-'11 playoff runs, I don't believe they ever won more than three road games during any season. If they finish anything above 5-13 next year, I'll be happy. I wrote off the 2013 season as soon as it was announced the team would be playing pretty much on the road for the entire season. Next season should not be used as a measuring stick for how good or bad the team will be. It's a special circumstance.