New DC in Hamilton

Its Casey Creehan
as per Arash Madani and

....Thought you guys would go for a more experienced dc......Goodluck to Creehan.....As for us, position coaches aren't that hard to find...Offensive co-ordinator is by far the more important fill for us at the moment...From what i hear, Mack has some very good candidates banging on his door....Shouldn't be too long now :wink:

What do you think we can expect from Casey, just from what you’ve seen?

Who knows. He's never been a DC before. If his defence is anything like what his father ran when he was a DC in the CFL then you might be in trouble. :wink: Seriously, he seems to be a well respected and well liked coach, more on the vocal side than quiet.

That's good, that's the one thing I didn't like about last years team, they lacked intensity.Our coaches were far too concerned with befriending players.One of our two teams now needs to hire Otis Floyd as LB coach :slight_smile:

......after Otis tried to sail off in one of our end-zone yachts a few seasons ago, do you think the Bombers would be interested in his services... :lol: Of course he 'could' be considered...depends on what he brings to the table... :roll: I don't see us hiring guys without prior experience :roll: