new dc hired

Riders sign former Al's line backer coach.

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Don't mind it. Seems like he will be crazy aggressive

And being a LBC he may help out our young LB! time will tell

He'll be a one-gap D kind of guy and that's a good thing for SSK. It gives the players fewer keys to read at the line and lets them loose to make plays.

Well on a positive note at least its not Benevidies or any other exLion. That really had me concerned if they would have hired Benevidies. We need some new blood and by new blood I don't mean another DC that just got sacked.Otherwise why get rid of Hall?

I wouldn’t have minded Benevides at all. HC…no…not so much…DC, he was solid. Plus having some Canadian blood in the coaching ranks is good.

That said, this all looks like a fairly solid move. Time will tell, but it looks to have some good potential.

Funny, they removed both their OC and DC, and both will likely be elsewhere (Cortez to BC, Hall to Bombers), so they don’t even have to pay out those contracts…pretty interesting IMO.

That is a great point. Look at Montreals LBs Woods and Venables. Neither had been starters before 2014 and Woods had a All Star season while Venbles made a seemless transition filling in for the much injured Herbert.
Kilgore, Peters, and Hurl. 2 International and 1 national. Perfect for a CFL roster all three were interchangleble parts Mike/Will LB and all 3 great coverage teams players.

Not crazy about Hall going to the bombers. That though is the risk the team took by letting him go. Still he has so much knowledge of the riders both offense and defense and yes I know play terms will be changed because of this but still he knows so much about our strengths and weakness that will certainly help against the riders.

As for Benevides sorry but the stigma alone of picking up Lions castoffs would have reeked throughout the stadium.
I would have liked to seen some new blood in both OC and DC, some fresh blood with new thoughts and aggressiveness trying to show their stuff. How Chappy does is a big guessing game but If I was Taman the rope he has to hang himself with would be very very short. In fact he should always feel the noose around his neck ready to be drawn tight.
Yes I know a bit harsh but the fans are not going to put up with another predictable offense especially if it is ineffective. It's one thing for another team to know what you are going to do and you can go ahead and do it anyways and another if they know what your going to do and you try it and fail time and time again.

When we had Sheets every team knew we were going to run and in fact I wouldn't be shocked if the O line told the other teams D line we are going to run and then crank out 10-15 yards on it. That is dominance,last year we didn't have that and yet everyone and their dog knew what we were going to do even when Durant was healthy. Unless we can get such a miracle tailback again this team is going to have to mix things up and give defenses something to think about. And that is my concern with Chappy, I don't know if he has that kind of creativity to keep defenses honest.

We actually had a very good running game to start the year but went away from it ; coach sat players down, etc., We couldnt seem to make a solid choice on who we wanted, and even canned Will Ford after some good games… I dont think it was so much other teams figuring out our run as we got away from the one solid thing that was working and then the whole kit went whack.

There was a line in the movie “Two Escobars” , something where the coach is talking about how he turned the team around and he says something like " They were too worried about making mistakes, I have them coming to play from their hearts and leave their egos at home " (thats probably not even close to the quote but is along the lines of what he was saying.

Our team last year became essentially head cases and insecure in their minds, and were more worried about fumbling or screwing up than playing hard, having fun and winning.

(If someone can get the correct 2 Escobars quote I would appreciate it) :cowboy:

I still can't figure out what happened with tolston or toston or whatever his name is.( sorry old age getting the best of me)
he looked to me to show great potential and yet he sat out the most. Yes Ford showed a few bright spots but he wasn't a dominating on either. That pretty much goes for the rest of the crew. Kory though was just plain dominent and could rip a defense to shreds. Yes the O line certainly had a part in it and yes having an effective passing game last year also helped, but last year neither running or passing was clearly impressive and then when Durant got hurt it was game over.

This year I don't see any indication of either running or passing game being completly dominent and yes that could change but not really counting on it either. so we need to get creative and mix things up.

None of those LBs are coming back.