new db's

I don't know why the Cats have a constant parade of new or reshuffled defensive backs.I my my view the main defensive weakness is the inept d-line.Except for McKay there is absolutely no pressure.Cotton and Beli seem awfully good to me now.

They wont replace any of the current D-Linemen because....

They just need to gain experience.

Jermaine Reed- 9th overall pick in 06
J.P Bekasiak- 4th overall pick in 07

How does one gain experience? by playing.

Clinton Wayne & McKay are soild starters.

Throw in Howard Hodges & Marcus West & you've got yourself a pretty good D-Line, although Hodges they could do without.

Just give Reed & Bekasiak some time & they'll gain experience & then you'll have pressure which will lead to the "Cotton, Belli, Cheatwood, Montford" days.

Our current DB's leave way too much room between themselves and the receivers. Next game count the number of passes where the DB is nowhere in sight when the catch is made. They are not fast enough.

I like the addition of Tony Tiller and moving Tay Cody to LB - Glasper was getting killed! Still like D. Anderson and L. Gordon has played well. Still we need to get a better pass rush you can't cover guys for 5 steamboats in this league.

Yeah well, Hodges looked pretty good to me in that last game with 2 sacks! I think the D is not the probelm. it is the sucky offense.

Sorry but you are very wrong about them not being fast enough. The reason they are often no where around is that the coaches mostly have them playing in all but useless zone cover.

We need to put a blanket on Cahoon Saturday night. You can't give him any seperation he will kill us with the 10 yard clutch catches.

I also feel that the main problem is with the lack of a pass rush.The dbs ,no matter how good they are can't defend for the length of time they are required to do so.Unless the pass is errant,or the receiver drops the ball, virtually every opposition pass has been complete this year.

VERY VERY good point Jimm! The D-line (other than McKay) is making the DB's look bad. They should only be starting a rookie at one of the tackles if they can get constant push past the line of scrimmage.. and they are not. I think Clinton Wayne is doing OK also but we need more than 2 DL playing their A game.