New DB in Town

Mike Echols DB #22
Played For The Lions and Titans in the NFL
Played for Wisconson In Collage..

Anyone else have any other info ?

Just what we need, another rookie db. :roll:

rookie db?? thisd guy made it in the nfl he is obviously goin to be better than tad kornegay or our some other db's

Average TiCat fan procedure:


Team makes moves.


Seriously, what will it take to make people happy? A wholesale swap of the Cats roster and coaching staff for those of the New England Patriots?

black n gold
What have we got to lose by bringing this guy in. He may surprize us.
Just one other point I would make here is that I think many of us tend to under
rate the CFL when we draw comparisons to the NFL. Fiveteen or twenty years ago, there was a noteable difference with the NFL being far superior but I'm not so sure that's true today. No doubt, they are still more talented in most areas than are we, but I think the gap has been closing for some time now as more and more we bring to Canada big and not so big names who are often nothing more than mediocre when they play our game. Conversely, on a more frequent basis, some of our Canadian talent are going south and doing well down there.
I think it might be fun and perhaps quite revealing to see eg. the Buffalo Bills come into Montreal or Vancouver and playing our rules, see what develops.
I would still predict an NFL win, but certainly no blowout.
This took place years ago and the CFL teams in question WERE blown out, but times have changed.
If someone wanted to pick up the tab, I'd venture to say it would market well.

Here is some background on defensive back Mike Echols obtained from various NFL-related websites:

-5'10", 190 lbs, age 27, played college ball at Wisconsin

-reserve cornerback used in nickel coverage and special teams player for Tennesee Titans in 2002 and 2003

-played 4 games in 2002 and had 13 tackles and 7 assisted tackles

-played 5 games in 2003 and had 1 tackle and 1 assisted tackle

-released by Tennesee Sep 14/04 and spent some time on the practice rosters of the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings

-signed by Detroit Lions on Dec 22/04 and was re-signed on Mar 14/05

-released by Detroit prior to start of 2005 season

What are you talking about? They didnt win the superbowl last season...

Links to Mr Echols: [url=] ... atsId=5996[/url]

I was only complaining because all our db's are young, and our D coach is only 30. Why not bring in some experience like a Don Brady instead of a rookie to the cfl game, who will have to learn the game from other rookies.

We experimented for 2 years with a man named Brady...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I say give it a try. He couldn't do any worse. What does it say to our present db's if the team does not bring in any prospects? "Good job, boys. Keeps giving up those yards" :cowboy:

If defence of these fans, I should point out that many of them did want moves to be made, and were more specific about the moves they thought were required. For example, many fans did not call for Greg Marshall to wake up, they called for him to be fired.

But I am not complaining about this move. Even though I’d prefer that they bring in a veteran DB like Don Brady, this move can’t hurt. And perhaps the reason Brady hasn’t been brought in is because of his salary, or something else I don’t know about.

Does anybody know how Mike Echols played (if at all)? I ask because he must have impressed the coaching staff to put him on the active roster after only 3 days of practise...