New coordinators

Greg Marshall will be DC and Doug Sams will be OC. What stands out for me is experience. Both guys have at least 22 years of coaching experience. I'm not too familiar with Sams, but I like that Reed didn't go with another rookie. :smiley:

Bringing back Greg Marshall was huge for the Edmonton Eskimos. He was around the team last year a bit. A local coach who can adapt to any situation. The Eskimos defence will improve and help lead their team to more wins in 2013.

Defence will likely lose DB's Chris Thompson, Weldon Brown & Rod Williams. This may be a huge hole to fill. But theres 1000's of DBs out there. *Weldon Brown would be the only player i can see Edmonton resigning.

Doug Sams, an interesting move for sure. It will be interesting to see what his spread offence will bring to this team. Alot of shotgun, alot of no huddle plays.

Now will Edmonton sign McPherson or Reilly? Or will they place all their eggs in the Matt Nichols basket and hope he can stay healthy? A recent interview by Sams in Edmonton stated he likes to have 3 similar QB's. So it sounds like Kerry Joseph will not be back with the team, and Reilly is likely the main target over McPherson because he is a similar QB to Nichols.

Despite the reports from Montreal radio, Adrian McPherson has not been released by the Montreal Alouettes and the Edmonton Eskimos have NOT signed him.