New Contract

Did Kerry sign a new contract with Argos or is he still on the old one ?

It is a new one. The reason he didn't stay in Sask. is because ET wouldn't give him a raise (at least not the raise KJ was looking for) so Sask traded him somewhere who would give him a raise, and TO did.

And now there is a QB controversy in Toronto. I dont know, when you are paying a guy $325k+, how there can be a controversy. I swear Toronto does anything to be in the spotlight.

On Riderville this week. This is what ET said. Joseph was going to make 240 in Saskatchewan. Toronto paid him 350. I know everyone is kicking Joseph after 3 interceptions against Edmonton. But I wish we had kept him. Maybe Durant will keep playing good. If we have 4 wins in 2 weeks. And beat the Argos with Joseph playing for them. I will admit I was wrong.

I agree that i thought we should keep KJ. I loved it when he would take off as far as playing poorly its just the system not the player

its Hard to watch Joseph struggle it may not be his fault but you can see it in his eyes