New Contest Idea for fans in 2012 Season

I was thinking about this as I was trying to sleep this morning around 6:30... as I couldn't fall back to sleep.

the CFL along with a sponsor could have a "CFL's Smartest Fan" contest.

here's how it works...

each team would have throughout the season at each game a round of questions for 3 fans that are chosen from entries either online or at the game.

they would be questions that could contain certain interesting facts or rules

one question could pertain to a Ruling on the field a Referee would have to make

another question could be about the past, like a statistical question

Questions that basically would test a fans' knowledge about the CFL and it's rules, history and the game itself.

so at the end of the regular season each team would have a final where the winner would then represent their city at the CFL semi-Finals.

so you'd have like Calgary vs Edmonton and B.C. vs Saskatchewan Fans.

and then Montreal vs Winnipeg and Toronto vs Hamilton Fans.

the winners of those four would meet in the Division Finals..

so Edmonton fan (beat calgary) vs Saskatchewan fan (beat B.C.) and Montreal fan (beat Winnipeg) vs Toronto fan (beat Hamilton) as examples.

then the big final would be at the Grey Cup. the winner from the West would face the Winner from the East.

each Conference Winner would automatically get Grey Cup tickets and accommodations in Toronto.

the winner would get a new Vehicle and some money. the runner up could get Season tickets to their Home team.

So, what do you think? Cause I am seriously considering writing this up in detail and sending it to the league.

2 words. "Sleeping Pills". :lol:

not any different from Kick to Win.

knowing he won't get it before it even starts isn't any more exciting.

at least with this there is fan participation and prizes for contestants.

I know. I Was just kidding. Could work I suppose.

Sounds O.K. to me cflisthebest, these kinds of ideas are positive on football as a whole knowledge wise.

Sounds like you should have just hit up redtube, work the yard stick a little and go back to sleep.

Along the same lines as above, how about an old fashion league-wide Lonnie Glieberman CFL "Mardi Gras" contest? Couldn't hurt with ratings. :smiley:

Maybe we can predict which team will get the most points each week... :twisted:

A good idea to stimulate interest in the lague. I'm surprised more people don't play CFL fantasy football.

You nevermind..., I like sambo's idea, but with a variation...what we need is a contest where everyone tries to pick the winning teams each week, and then over the course of the year see who gets the most could even set it up that the best at this game could continue picking into the playoffs, right up to the Grey Cup...maybe whittling the group down as that goes so at the end of the season there is one person that wins, and we would be in awe of their talents...hey, doesn't hurt to dream...

Ummmm, not to nitpick Red, but we kinda have that already in a bragging rights sort of capacity. It's called the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, operated by BigDave. :cowboy:


I see what you did there... :rockin: