New Content - Black & Gold Magazine

The newest addition to the line up of online content featured on is the Black & Gold Magazine. Follow the the link below to access the the magazine and simply use your mouse to turn the pages.

Black & Gold Magazine

The pages keep Locking up in firefox

Working fine for me in firefox.

I just leafed through all 28 pages and I would like to say a few things.

First, good job on everyone involved. Second, I would pay money for a glossy version of this. Third, great way of changes pages. I love it.

Now a bit of constructive criticism. The text is too small. Even at 400% I have to strain to read it and the grey text is absolutely impossible for me to read. Maybe it's an age thing.

Other than that, thanks for putting this together.

Love it! Really looks good guys. Love the cheerleader profile too - really helps show that the girls are more than just great dancers!

Looks great, nice and slick, I agree that the font size is too small.

Any chance of being able to order the mag from Lulu? Maybe with a "discount" for season-ticket owners?

Just finished reading the online version of the Black and Gold Magazine. The interview with Coach Taaffe was particularly interesting as was Ron Lancaster's observations about the one year decline in the kick return game in 2006 adversely affecting offences throughout the CFL. The overall look and presentation of the magazine gets high marks. Congratulations to those who worked on this project.