New Concession stands supplier

Hello? Centreplate product development? …yes I’ll hold.

I certainly hope this is an improvement and not a step back. Could the stadium food get worse ?

There are only a few major competitors in that segment, including Levy and Centerplate. Centerplate had some struggles in the last decade but had a change in ownership in 2017. Only time will tell whether this is a step forward or a step back.

I really don’t think it can get worse.

I hate to say it but the five times I’ve been to see football at BMO in Toronto, the food has always impressed me. Variety, taste, portion size, and speed of service has always been great. I know it helps that most days I’ve been there is often dress like an empty seat day, but the food was also good at the recent Grey Cup, and that was a big crowd. Who runs those concessions?

It's all true. This is the one thing that franchise does better than ours. Well, that and winning Grey Cups.

Not sure, but having an anchor tenant like TFC playing MANY more games throughout the year than the blew team means that the booths are used more than 10 times a year (at most). More use = better product in this case...

Yes, it can get worse. Fingers crossed!

Corn on the cob? Again? ;D

My experience with BMO as well, TFC and Argo games. ACC also has quite a bit of variety and is decent food.

I find it hard to believe it could get worse than Levy but who knows. I guess anyone can specialize in cold hot dogs and fries. Would be nice to see some expanded food options.
The odd time I do buy food at the stadium I gravitate to the Saltlick Smokehouse - it’s worth a few extra bucks for the pulled pork sandwich.

My favourite Levy experience was buying a pop and a bag of chips for $6 and $4 and counter staff pulling out a calculator.

Hate to break it to you but that isn't going to change with a new vendor.

I remember the same thing. I bought something for $8 and gave a $10 out came the calculator.

Levy was the worst concessions I have ever seen at a stadium in North America.

Really question is what took so long to replace them? Years of fans complaints and nothing happened?

likely a contract.