New Commonwealth Stadium seats

Anybody hear how they are coming along? Any new pictures? All I could find is this link, saying that they started last year...

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Haven't heard anything recently, but I think they were supposed to be finished before this coming season.

[url=] ... 80/photo/1[/url]

Ah, its coming along then... When was this photo taken? Looks like they have a ways to go, if they haven't started on the upper deck...

The article explains it will be a two year project and the Article is from July 2012 so this is year one for the lower level and year two the upper level and the end zone halfback seats mixed in there somewhere replacing the old bend seats.
Looks like a great plan with good upgrading of different types of seats in the different sections.

I dont understand how it can possibly take 2 years to put in new seats... erecting a who new stadium only takes 3-4 years tops if theres incompetent construction workers and weather delays... to me this should be done in a year tops. Oh well, itll look good regardless

Installation would not take 2 years…it’s a budget issue I imagine…so many dollars for so many seats per fiscal year.

they said they were spreading the installation of seats over the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

doesn't look like anything else has been done since the completion of last season. but, winnipeg hasn't made much progress installing seats over the last few months, either.

i suspect they are waiting for nicer weather to be outside doing that sort of work. say you drop a screw in the snow, goodluck finding it.

...the low bidder's company consists of him and his cousin...a cousin who's pretty unreliable at the best of times... all seriousness, they are probably taking care of concrete repairs along the way as well....cracks, spalls, misc. doodads etc that were difficult to fix with seats in the way...the noted schedule is probably an estimate at best, not an accurate timeline...

really good point on the repairs. They are doing it right...phase it out over a couple years to spread the cost and also reduce cost by doing it in fairer weather. The seating was dated, but not 'bad', so they are in no panic.