New Commonwealth Renovations

I was just over at and I guess there's a new project to expand the north end concourse for more pedestrain space. Budget is under 300,000 though, so I wouldn't expect anything too drastic.

Check the link in the first post of this link...

excellent, it could use a face lift.

Geez I kinda liked your stadium last year when I visited it. (Mind you our seats were down a bit further than the proposed end. If it makes it better...then great! I didn't think that you needed much improvement.

Now I heard on a talk show that they were going to take the grass out and put in the fake turf that BC, Hamilton, Winnipeg has in.

Tell me it isn't so......I love your grass!

Hopefully they won't take out the grass, I love it!

I love the grass too, but f they do put fake turf in, which would be a plus to players since gras has a nastly habit of becoming rock solid when it's cold, I'd be fine with it, as long as we don't see ADS put on it, some stadium shouldn't have it to remind us of the old days when the CFL didn't have to reply on Crop. support.

The Eskies don't need ads on their field......They have a high enough attendance to cover Revenues! :wink:

Let me guess pay toilets!

Put in field turf and get rid of all the mind games around the grass - and have a decent surface for late season games. One less thing for the Stampeders to whine about.

You must be joking, WestCoastEasy. Listening to stumps fans whine and moan about the natural grass field in Edmonton after they get their butts handed to them is one of the most satisfying things about an Eskimo victory over crygary!!!

It's even more amusing to listen to their excuses when they lose a Labour Day game or playoff game in crygary. No grass to blame it on. It is invariably the refs, or injuries. Has anyone ever noticed how winners and champions don't need excuses?

Anyways, the natural grass at Commonwealth is world class, and good for many sports other than football, including soccer and track and field. Edmonton hosted the World Track and Field Championships in 2001, I believe. It is the third largest sporting event on Earth, behind only the Summer Olympics and the World Cup of Soccer. Much larger than the Winter Olympics, as measured by TV audience, number of athletes and number of participating countries. I do not believe that such an event could be held on any artificial surface, when you take into account javelin and such. Keep the grass in place, and let the visitors whine all they want. If it provides a psychological advantage to The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos, so be it!!!

Keep the grass at Commonwealth. In cfl terms its right up there with the green monster at Fenway and the parquet floor in Boston. I wish more cfl teams would use natural grass.

How would you know? From a picture? Stick to things you know about.

I hope they dont take out the natural grass either , it would be sad if they did that, but there are a few who probably felt it should have been done yrs ago... like Dave Ridgway for example.. :lol: