new commissioner thread

Yes, working with the city, province and the feds.
By co-ordinating and taking a leadership position in dealing with all levels of government to get much needed tax dollars for building of stadiums in Halifax and Quebec City.

If he sells the naming rights to the Grey Cup, I'll be the first one in line to push him over that cliff I mentioned....
And perhaps he could get rid of replay...that would be good....

Anyway, a lot of the job will be to build upon the positives of his predecessor.
There are always struggling franchises, negotiations for the next TV deal start almost immediately upon the signing of this one.
Enforcement of the salary cap will be a greater challenge than designing it, so that will be a huge challenge--dealing with the BoG will not be easy.

Bringing football back to Ottawa should be top of the list and hopefully into the Maritimes.

I think that he is a great choice , but it is never easy being the CFL commish.

Trust me , he will have work to do.

Welcome aboard Mark Cohon. The guy is a marketing exec., thats what he does, dont expect much else. Great move by the bog to recognize the need to build the popularity of the league even more. As dg pointed out, what else is there for him to do besides market.

McDonald's Canada presents the Grey Cup :lol:

Seriously though I'm not going to pass any judgment on the guy until he actually does something, whether it be good or bad.

Credentials are all fine and dandy, the actions are what matters. :cowboy:

Agree JxP! Also it's nice to see somebody online this late for once.

lol this is pretty much my daytime....


Don't be surprised. It might still happen. And there's a few CFLl purists who believe the League will officially have "sold out" if and when that happens.

Just saw Mark on The Hour.
He looks good and talks in generalities with no specifics.
My previous beliefs were reinforced about how he knows very little if anything about the league, teams or players.
Still, good luck MC.

I think he's only speaking in generalities for now because as he himself mentioned yesterday he's not "officially" hired until sometime in April. Doesn't want to give the BOG any ammunition I guess. Cause history has taught us never say never with that bunch.

If I heard Bob Young correctly during the introduction, the B of G vote to terminiate Cohon would have to be 6 out of 8 or 7 out of 9 when Ottawa gets back. So he's in a stronger position then Tom Wright where it only took 3 out of 8 to fire him.
He appears to have the right stuff for the job, and will have the right connections in the financial field.

This guy could do very well IF the BOG lets him do his job. A five-year contract is a good indication that even they realise that they can't keep firing commissioners like this. I doubt he's dumb enough to try expanding into the US. If, after five years time, he's managed to bring back a STABLE Ottawa franchise, gotten the wheels in motion for adding a 10th team, and ensured that no existing clubs are in financial difficulty, he'll have more than done his job and should have his contract renewed.

If so, that's great news (about needing 6/8 or 7/9 to fire him). Now he only needs 3 governors to KEEP him - much easier! Tom Wright was saying, at the end, that the office needs more power and stability, and maybe the BoG is finally realizing how true that is. The commish will finally be able to work with much more job security!

Also, I think the fact that he was hired unanimously is a great sign too. Does anyone remember if that's how Wright was hired, too?

I also saw his spot on The Hour, and while he was vague, he said it was because he hasn't officially started yet (and will on April 17, I believe - I wonder why he's not starting right away?). I didn't pick up on any lack of knowledge about the history and players ... and if he isn't overly aware of that, it will be easy to learn it. When talking about naming rights to the Grey Cup, he again said that he wasn't on the job yet, but it sounded like he was against it (good!).

The fact that he's a marketing guru is a great sign. And he's Canadian too - meaning he's known about the CFL all his life, I'm sure. I'm optimistic about him, and I hope he gets the chance to do his thing. Hopefully he does it well. Right now, I'd say the #1 priority is Ottawa.