new commissioner thread

new commish to be announced at 3PM today.

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thoughts or guesses?

Mark Cohon, Rick Burton or Other

The dawn of a new era. Well, if you can say that 'era' means a couple of years. :wink:

But really, ok, the CFL gets ragged on by a lot of people that it can't keep a commish very long but really, if the league was able to pay a commish like the NHL or MLB etc. I'm sure that someone would just be a very nice yes-man and that. But at least in the CFL the commish actually has to work hard and really make decisions compared with the bigger leagues out there where the money just keeps rolling in with big TV deals and that.

im guessing Mark Cohon, if its either of the 2 i mentioned in the top.

Rick Burton seems to be too involved with australian basketball right now to leave it.

.....posted online fifty minutes before the announcement was to be how they have the statement in the article saying the announcement will be made soon. lol

Mark Cohon is the Canadian Football League's 12th commissioner.

The son of McDonald's of Canada founder George Cohon was selected in the final vote by the league's board of governors today, and an announcement is to be made in a 3 pm press conference in Toronto.

Cohon, whose name first surfaced in a Toronto Star article earlier this month, was chosen over Rick Burton, who was the commissioner of Australia's national basketball league for the past four years, and an unnamed third candidate.

The 40-year-old Chicago-born Cohon replaces Tom Wright, whose four-year tenure ended at the end of the 2006 CFL season.

nice find!

i wonder what this means for the CFL's future direction?

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Pretty obvious dg, can you say US of A teams again?

they just had a sound byte on fan 590, and cohon says he wants to take the league coast-2-coast.

didnt say anythign about expanding south of the boarder.

new commish will be on fan 590 between 5:30-7pm today.

His credentials seem reasonable.
I just hope he isn't cannon fodder for the BoGs.

Just seen him on Sportsnet?Fan 590 with Bob McCown. Looks good, talks well and reinforced how he has a five year mandate and all of the owners approved, 8-0.
Without being critical, he appears to know little if nothing into the history of the league, even what happened a few years ago.
We wish him well.

didnt really discuss where he wants to take this league or where he sees it in 5 years, at the end of his current contract.

He was very vague yes.
Didn't mention what I thought was very important, how the CFL is the second most favourite sport in the land.

5 year contract, 8-0 vote, and glowing statements at the press conference....
I give him 18 months....

Seriously, every guy they have hired in recent memory has gotten a similar send off...right before they push him over the cliff.
I hope this guy fairs better....

The league and the Commish office needs long term stability.

'Nuff said!

Good points Arius and argotom. I hope he does well and I hope he lasts long!

I wish Cohon lots of luck in his new job, he is going to need it. Any misstep he makes and his job hangs by a thread. I say he lasts maybe 2 to 3 years.

as was mentioned on the fan 590...what really is there for him to do in the next 5 years?

-pound out a new tv deal?....NO, cuz thats already done.

-get a new salary cap in place?....NO, cuz thats already done.

-find out how to use the internet to bring in new revenues?...NO, cuz TSN has all the rights to that.

-save some struggling franchises?...NO, cuz there aren't any right now.

-fix the rules, and implement replay?...NO, cuz thats been taken care of aswell.

basiclly all he has to do is keep the ship steady, and possibly get ottawa back in the league and sell the grey cup naming rights to the highest bidder...thats it!

He did mention coast to coast football and that being the real mandate.
Bob asked him about US expansion, but he skirted around it saying Canada first.

its easy to mention coast-2-coast, but with no stadium plans in halifax, how is that anything the CFL commish can do?

unless he does my idea, and proactivly contacts primers about funding the construction of stadiums.