NEW COMMISIONER ----------------Herb Herwowetzky

remember Herb?

Herb is the leading candidate to take over as G.M.

Herb is the obvious choice as he has made it known that if the CFL looks for a new commisioner he will be interested. Herb who has attended a few meetings in the last 2 years has moved back to Toronto, ON.

Herb was a CFL chairman from 1981 to 1987 - again in 1989 -1991. Was part of the Argos business operations with Bruce McNall, John Candy, Wayne Gretzky, and was apart of the final 5% stake in the franhise in 1993.

He also served as co-owner of the Winnipeg Jets in 1991-1993 and L.A Kings in 1996.

He was operations assistand to CEO for the Kings in 1995-1998, and later left sports all together and from 2002-2004 co-owned Bruce McNalls Minor League Baseball team.

He has lived in Jefferson City, MO the past year but previously moved to Toronto and is interested in returning to the CFL.

Herb is 65 and his brother is George Herwowtzky managing partner with Maple Leaf Sports.

His brotehr in-law is Bill Laurie previous owner of the St. Louis Blues, and was on the Blues staff part time in 2002.

I would be very, very, very, careful dealing with anyone related to Willy Walmart (Bill Laurie). Just ask St.Louis Blue fans or Vancouver Grizzley fans.

Herb is amazing, he is going to buy the Tiger Cats but wanted to get away for a couple of years.

He should be in the CFL hall of fame. He was the winner of baseballs executive of the year 3 times.

Wayne Gretzky calls him a close friend, and is actually Walter best friend.

When Gretzky took over with the Coyotes, he wanted Herb to join his staff but Herb wanted to get away.

Well, I don't know much about him but if Tom Wright can't even get an opening kickoff concert of sorts on CBC to promote opening the season up, well, let's bring him in!

I can't say I've ever heard of Herb Herwo-whosit, but I wouldn't say that someone whose only link to the CFL was as a chairman during the 1980s -- the decade in which the CFL squandered its popularity and lost a generation of fans, bringing a once thriving league to the brink of collapse -- belongs in the commissioner's office...much less in the Hall of Fame.

and was part of the Argo organization that paid Ismail 4.5 million a year!

Ya he sounds like a good choice :roll:

you guys shouldn't be allowed to voice your view in this forum.

Someone with just a chairman posistion? Yes, running adidas canada is the way to go?

Or secretary of state of a country?

Get some knowledge, something makes me wonder what these people are really like?

It makes me think of the saying 'those people are stupid' could you be those people they always refer.

thats what forums are for buddy, opinions

You give yours then expect for others to give theirs, like them or not...

I wonder if that is Mr. McMahon...didnt he already try football...XFL or something..

I guess McMahon is another one we are not allowed to disagree with

...i agree with very careful..the load of BULL that was dropped by Willy Walmart is still smelling up say he was not up-front ..would be putting it mildly.. :roll:

1-Does not stick around long

2-Spends lots of money

3-Old and passed his prime

Sounds like he's a perfect fit for the BOG

Herb would be a poor choice as soon as you said he was in the Argo organization in the years where the team needed the league to help out. Ya right good choice not!

So a guy who dragged the league down once already, and who is best buddies with a guy who killed one franchise (Grizzlies) and is killing another (Blues) and who moved the NHL out of Winnipeg is the guy we should want to run the league?

McMahon, I gotta say, it sounds to me like you and whatsisname here are related because you sure talk about him like you love him, but you back it up with nonsense and go crazy when someone dares question it. It's like some little kid on the playground who says: "My dad's the strongest guy in the world, he can lift a bus!" and some other kid says no one can lift a bus, so the first kid starts screaming and crying. "You're all just STUPID!!"
Who's that sound like?

seems like the guy to replace TW if necessary.

BTW, how is getting TW to sign to another term going?

Kanga just a guess here but did you read Calgary4lifes post above yours Hmmmm I bet you didn't. The next thing nothing will be done with Tom Wright until season end. Why would they replace him at the start of the season? Unless you found out through unknown sources (booo bombers fans sources) that Tom will be fired! If not I guess he has a job to do until the end of the season.

If it is, Piggy, then if this Herb (which is what this McMahon guy has to be smoking) does get into the Commissioner role, then the CFL has "No Chance In Hell" surviving.

I didn’t say that!

[b]seems like the guy to replace TW if necessary.

BTW, how is getting TW to sign to another term going? [/b]

Thats what you said?

see, no part about TW leaving early in the season to be replaced by this guy.

anyone that reads that knows that I'm refering to after the season.