Just heard on a Winnipeg radio Station that the NEW CFL commish has already started talking about expansion in the East to even out the league ----- awesome news. Sorry Ottawa Fans, looks like no one is interested in trying to raise the Ottawa Franchise now, the 2 top runners are:

Halifax - They have a plan to expand the University Stadium to 20,00 25,000 seats.

Quebec City - I think QC needs a chance, they already have Laval Stadium which they are also talking about expanding and a montreal-QC rivalry would be awesome for the CFL and The teams in Quebec

Which radio station was it?

They have a plan to expand SMU to 20-25 thousand seats? I want to see that plan.

lol, There are plans to go back to Ottawa.

I don't know what you hear when you listen to Doug Brown but there are plans for Ottawa in 2008.

Halifax hopefully will get it's stadium plans ready and a Stadium in for 2010-2012.
if somehow they can get a Stadium for 2009, then Ottawa and Halifax should get Teams in 2008.
Let Halifax play on the Road for 2008, playing their exhibition game(and TC) in Halifax.

League can give them 5.5-6.6M to operate a young team total team Salary of 2.5M with 25 Canadians(Dressed roster), 10-12 Starting.
Their goal to build a solid young Core for Halifax in 2009, get players familiar with the coaches system too.
The team would set up Shop in Oshawa for the Season, that would be within 1-2 hours of Hamilton/Toronto(6 games) and 6-7 Hours of Montreal/Ottawa(6 more games)
other 6 games are out East(plane Ride)

away game expenses for the year would be between .5M-.75M$

Halifax should build the most affordable expandable stadium and worry about all the fancy extras later.

Barons, how does a 25-26K Seat Bowl with 44 Luxury Boxes With built in plans to expand to 38K sound? hehe.

I want my stadium built, it would be a sweet stadium.

It sounds nice but there is no room to build that at St. Marys University.

There is Barons, but you need to do 1 of 2 things.

  1. Give me some Dynamite and a bulldozer.(with city permits)
    2.Remove the Track.

The option of removing/building over the building across the main stands works too.

Or else use the funds Halifax had saved for the Commonwealth games for a 25K stadium + boxes that will eventually move to 40K.

Halifax is a dead issue until the tree hugging left leaning politicians decide(if) how sport is a essential fabric to their city and the citizens.

Well on the plus Side, it looks like the Bombers and possibly. POSSIBLY the Stamps and new Ottawa team, could all have new stadiums by say 2010-2011.

Winnipeg by 2009.