New comish today

at 3 oclock, read it at

I heard it's going to be Joe Poapoa.


Mark Cohon it is. Here is the TSN link.

Great Choice

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Hmmmm! VP in the NBA & MLB in charge of growing the brand internationally! Is that a harbinger of things to come?

Or, might he just stick to growing the brand in Halifax and Ottawa?

wonder whats going to happen to tsn's wendys friday night football. will it become mcdonalds friday night football. just wondering

MacDonald's Friday Night Football versus Wendy's Friday Night Football...........geez what a either case their commercials are annoying.

But I shan't complain; it could be worse....can you imagine Frank D'Angelo's Friday Night Football?

can you imagine Frank D'Angelo's Friday Night Football?
From a couple things I have read - the ABOVE is not entirely out of the REALM of POSSIBILITY !

And I, for ONE, would WELCOME IT !!


Free Hamburgs now?....yum yum! :twisted:

(beat ya to it Mightypope) .....hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

new Friday night Slogan I Cheetah All the Time

Instead of TSN Half time we get Frank D' Angelo Band

Yep, I'm still having nightmares about all those Wendy's commercials.

And most likely it will be the wendy's grey cup this year errrr.

oh yeah and I'd like tsn to have some consistancy with their commercials, one second they're shoving ads of high fat burgers in your face then the next they're telling you to lower your colesteral.

At least the beer would be cold! :twisted: