New Coach's Co-ordinators

So with the hunt for a new coach a top priority right now, I was wondering how this will affect Khari and Chamblin. Does having a new coach immediately result in dismissal or re-assignment of previous co-ordinators? I can see for example if we get a guy like Tim Burke that his philosophy on defense might greatly differ from that of Cory Chamblin. The last thing we need is coaches clashing so how does this procedure work?

It will entirely depend on who the HC is.

If Chamblin is the new HC, I wouldn't expect many changes. Maybe Brad Miller moved '"up" to DC.

A guy like Cortez and Austin might bring in completely new coaches and systems, thus completely rebooting the Tiger-Cats yet again.

Rogers Sportsnet’s Arash Madani has reported that if Dave Dickenson is hired as head coach, his staff could also include incumbents Richie Hall (defensive co-ordinator) and Craig Dickenson (special-teams co-ordinator). Hall and the Dickenson brothers have all been interviewed for the head-coaching job by general manager Brendan Taman. If Taman were to select Dave Dickenson as the field boss, the Roughriders’ staff could include three head-coaching candidates. Something to ponder.

Hall has a year remaining on his contract, by the way.

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I would think that if someone new were brought in as head coach, he would likely hire his own people, as he would be more familiar with them and they would in turn be more loyal to him than those already here. The existing coaches on the team also may not share the same philosophies of the game.

Even if the new head coach ends up being an existing co-ordinator, the others on the staff may have a problem seeing him no longer as a colleague, but now as the boss. Or, there may be some jealousies or resentment from the others who were not considered.

Office politics is everywhere......