We cannot let Wally remain as GM because then he will be controlling the COACH like a PUPPET on STRINGS--

We need a GM who is independent of the COACH and allows the COACH to coach the team. Wally is a control freak and by pushing him to GM and making MIKE BENEVIDES the coach they are basically the same team with WALLY AT COACH--

We simply cannot allow an UNPROVEN BENEVIDES become the coach and Wally as GM- We need new people in here, by shuffling the same coaches we have now it will further drive us into the hole that Wally has created by not addressing the issues--

The secondary is so small and so old and cannot tackle and nothing has been to address this for the pat 5 seasons. Are we expected to stop teams who have 6'4 receivers galore with smallish corners like MARSH and SANCHEZ or guys like Hyland and Phillips who obvioulsy cannot tackle?

Anyway here are the guys that we should go AFTER AS our new head coach next year when this staff is going to be cleaned out-
FYI there are thousands of fans who want WALLY and his staff out, we could get less than 20,000 next game and a few more losses expect to see around 15,000 near the end of the season.

SCOTT MILANOVICH- Montreal offensive coordinator- PAY THIS MAN- BRALEY TAKE ALL THE WASTED MONEY ON WALLY and pay this man please? The former Maryland Terrapin QB has a great offensive mind to the game. He has been under MARC TRESTMAN for 3 years and will BRING THE ALOUETTE WINNING formula to BC-

If we pay him enough and give him control of his staff, he will come, end of day its about DOLLARS and CENTS-

Dave Dickenson- Pay him a good salary and he might want to come here but i suspect only if WALLY is gone and a GM who wont interfere and MICRO MANAGE the team- DAVE at least is the right age and understands our game and would be familiar with BC and would ensure we have a good offense and our young QB gets better each season--

Marcus CRANDELL- Pay him and he will leave EDMONTON- He has shown a great ability to call plays and has been knows as a really smart x's and O's guys something that Wally has said he doesent understand at all. Crandell would also ensure we have a good offense and he is young and looks to me to be a good candidate for the FUTURE OF THE LIONS-

KENT AUSTIN- He has been in the states with OLE MISS as offensive coordinator, but it doesent hurt to put out a FLYER on him and make him an extremely high offer.

Jeff GARCIA- He is still playing I believe in the UFL but if we made him an offer he is extremely good in the CFL game and could be a really smart coach--- This might be something of interest to him--

DAMON ALLEN- Not sure if he is interested or if he would be great, but you cant deny his pedigree in our league, he would try hard and have the passion, but if anything he could be a great offensive coordinator or QB COACH for our lions--

There are plenty of good candidates out there, i have named a few here and I am sure there are many many more good american minds such as TRESTMAN and Huffnagel who came from the NFl to become CFL head coaches--

Im not buying peoples argument WHO ELSE is better than WALLY? Well Montreal and Calgary were in the same position and they brought in TRESTMAN and HUFFNAGEL- They didnt say there is no one better available? They went out and found the GUY with the ABILITY to turn their teams around and WIN GREY CUPS--

Last 3 grey cups have been won by TRESTMAN and HUFFNAGEL interestingly--

HINT HINT HINT GO TO THE NFL and pay some good offensive mind to come to BC and be our coach- Pay the man and he will COME HERE-- MONEY ALWAYS WINS in the end.

I have a friend who plays in the CFl and he told me that when Huffnagel and Trestman play other teams its well known that their teams are much more prepared and organized than the rest of the teams- Could explain why Wally is 1-11 vs Huffnagel and before Huffnagel Wally owned CALGARY and owned TOM HIGGINGS who was calgarys coach during 2002-2007

You cannot continue to employ a coach like WALLY who admitted he doesent understand the X's and O's of the game. Good coaches understand offense and defense and are overseeing things--

Trestman and Huffnagel are not SUPERMAN, they do their jobs, they track plays, they are taking notes during games, they are involved in the game-
Wally stands there and yells and encourages, that works for 15 year olds, this is PRO FOOTBALL--

Im sorry but WALLY you are 1-11 vs HUFFNAGEL- the man is flat out abusing you as a coach- They are running the same plays on your team every single game- They know every one of your offensive plays--

In todays PRO football look at the last 6 winning COACHES of the SUPER BOWL and GREY CUP---

Marc Trestman and John Huffnagel and in NFL Sean PAYTON, Mike Mcarthy- Offensive minded coaches who have PLAY SHEETS in their hands----

Wally does absolutely nothing during the game, he doesent understand the game's x's and o's and strategies, he relies on his coordinators to make him look good--

He is a military style coach who relies on others to make him look good, all he can do is take credit for the WINS and then give blame when they are losing--

There is 1 and only 1person to blame here and its WALLY-- Its not CHAPS fault with the bad play calling-- ITs wally fault for not firing CHAPS ass and bringing in a good new play caller--
HMMM look at EDMONTON THEY CLEANED HOUSE and are looking like GREY CUP contenders in 1 season--

And posters please stop defending wally, what I am saying is true, its astonishing how many defend and make excuses and put up with this mockery of a team we have--

Edmonton replaced their secondary and they didnt bring in 5 foot 7 corners and guys that cannot tackle either-

Can anyone please explain how do you expect a small 5'7 corners to stop 6'4 wideouts? It just doesent work at all- How could Wally not see this? A 5'7 corner simply does not have the arm length or the size to be physical and to stop a 6'4 wideout-

The missed tackled you guys are seeing is a result of Wally not addressing a secondary for the past 5 seasons and bringing in all players under 6 feet and skinny and also players under 5'9 which is ridiculous in itself- This is tackle not touch football

Instead of bashing Wally why don't you do your homework and find someone out there who is more qualified. Name 3 people who are available to step in, you may find it very difficult .
While your trying to improve the team NOW for a short time Wally is planning for a longer and more successful future, every pro sports team has to do a rebuild the lions are no different.

Oilerrocker you are perfectly correct every pro team has to go through a rebuilding period look at Hamilton and the turmoil they went through. And GridIron do you have nothing better to do then post and bash Wally and the team all day. While I do not always agree with what Wally does he's the head coach and you are some punk that can only point out the bad things. Now let us take a look at your "coaching candidates."

Scott Milanovich: All I'm going to say about him is let's see how good he is without Anthony Calvillo.

Dave Dickenson: You obviously don't watch the CFL because Calgary is struggling on offense as much as we are also it's only his first year as the offensive coordinator.

Marcuss Crandell: Not too bad of a quarterback but is he really that good of an Offensive Coordinator? Let's look at the teams the Eskimos have played. The Lions The Riders and The Tiger Cats. All teams with losing records and poor defenses. Let's see how good they are against the cream of the crop Allouettes.

Kent Austin: If he wanted to be in Canada he'd still be with the Riders where he has good ties to the organization but no he's enjoying his time at Ole Miss and didn't want to be in the CFL.

Jeff Garcia: Garcia is an American and still thinks he can play. Just because he was a good player doesn't mean he can coach the game.

Damon Allen: Seriously? Damon Allen? Come on man this is sad once again never coached professionally in his life just because he played doesn't mean he can coach.

When you get some good reasons for these candidates oh please let us all know we do so love your comments. There is nothing you can do and you know nothing though I wouldn't expect much from a Renegades fan. You're not a fan so get off these forums and when you learn about the CFL and it's players and coaches let us know please let us know

Damon Allen! ha ha ha. Yeah, get Damon Allen in there to take over the reigns. He and Kent will do a much better job than Wally, you bet. Why not get Chris Shultz too. Just pay him! Dave Randorf talks alot about football on the TSN halftime show. So that's another option. Or maybe that Sarah Orlesky lady who interviews players can do some coaching while she's on the sidelines. Just make sure to pay her!

All excellent ideas.

Wait! I've got it! Gridiron Guru should be the Lions coach. He has all the answers and is apparently a guru. Unfortunately his team of well muscled rookies will have no veteran leadership and will all be taking anti-depressants, not because they are losing, but because their coach/guru is such a negative influence.

A further point: it's Trestman, not Milanovich, who calls the offensive plays in Montreal.

Dickenson wouldn't be a bad choice IMO. Sure, the team's struggling, but I'd say it's more about overall execution and subpar performance from veterans (Burris, Rambo, Reynolds) than it is about Dickenson's playcalling. When the QB is missing wide-open receivers in the end zone, it's not on the offensive coordinator.

Crandell is an intriguing choice because he seems to be a very bright football mind, and because he was responsible for developing another young QB in Darian Durant when he was QB coach in SSK.

Problem here is, you're looking at promoting coordinators who haven't been doing their current jobs for very long (Crandell is a first-time OC, Dickenson is in his second year). I believe it's better to look around for someone who has been doing the OC or DC job for a long time, who's clearly ready to assume the HC position. It could be within the CFL, or it could be someone from down south (Hufnagel and Trestman's success should illustrate that a CFL pedigree is not necessarily required).

Ah, people like Greg Marshall and Richie Hall. . . oops on second thought. . .

Or Kavis Reed. Or Paul LaPolice. Or Jim Barker. Or (NFL-wise) Marc Trestman and John Hufnagel.

I'm not saying getting a longtime coordinator guarantees success, but if you're going to put someone in charge, IMO you need to start with a coach who has enough experience working as a coordinator to be an effective supervisor of his coordinators-to-be.

Yeah, because when Calvillo retires all he'll have is a top-2 in the league receiving corps, a top-2 in the league O-Line, a top-3 running game, and the best backup QB in the league by a country mile in McPherson (who could be a starter on several teams right now).

Milanovich must be doing voodoo to keep AC playing, he's so scared! :roll: Seriously, Montreal is not a one-man show.

Good point. The Stamps’ O-Line is nowhere near as good as it was in previous years and injuries made the situation even worse. All this does nothing to help a struggling Hank Burris. Dickenson’s play-calling have nothing to do with that

The Ticats as it stands now have the second best defense in the league (in terms of points allowed) so I wouldn't exactly say they have a poor defense. The Eskimos just seem to have surrounded Ray with good players and ditched the conservative play calling which seems to be working great.

The Quarterbacks make the recievers do you really think that Jamall Richardson and SJ Green will still be at the top with Adrian Mcpherson at the Helm? He is no Anthony Calvillo and all he has ever been in his entire career is a backup so teams haven't been able to game plan for him. And about the running game teams can't play the run against Montreal because they are more worried about Calvillo throwing the ball then Whitaker running it. Get back to me when he retires and we'll see how good Montreal will do.

more often than not, it is the other way around. Fernandez made dewalt into a hero, but without Mervyn, dewalt totally sucked.

McManus sucked before and after Flutie. Flutie made DM.

Overly simplistic. The quarterback is important, but he also needs targets. And an O-line that can protect him. Additionally, coaching is crucial to any offense's chances of success. After the 2007 season, many people, including Als fans such as myself, were thinking that maybe Calvillo should retire. Enter Marc Trestman.

By your logic, no backup QB would ever become a starter, because his status as a backup means he'll always be a backup. Well, guess what? Calvillo spent years apprenticing under Tracy Ham before he got his chance.

And about the running game teams can't play the run against Montreal because they are more worried about Calvillo throwing the ball then Whitaker running it. Get back to me when he retires and we'll see how good Montreal will do.
When Calvillo retires, obviously the Als will experience a drop-off. That's normal. You don't replace a future Hall of Fame quarterback or continue on without missing a beat. But that in no way speaks to McPherson's ability as a quarterback. He'll take over and do fine, even when he makes mistakes, [i]just like Calvillo did taking over from Ham[/i].

The receivers without a doubt make the QB-- Look at Peyton Manning 2 years ago and look at him last season with new wideouts?
Look at any good QB- Look at Favre who was declining rapidly is a perfect example--

Favre ripped it apart with the Vikings with a HEALTHY Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice- last year RICE was out with a hip injury and HARVIN was plagued by concussions-- How did FAVRE DO LAST YEAR?

How did Calvillo do before JAMAL RICHARDSON SJ GREEN were in town? How many grey cups did he lose in a row?

Anyone who thinks that QB's make the receivers is clueless and has not played football before.

Kerry Joseph sure won the Grey cup lol and made every receiver look good in Sask?

Henry Burris sure made all his receivers look good by missing open receivers routinely by 30 yards--


There are probably a handfull of QB's in the world that could make a receiver and those guys names are TOM BRADY, PHILLIP RIVERS and Aaron Rogers all who have had pro bowl seasons with major injuries to star wideouts

First of all, McManus had a 5000-yard passing season a few years after Flutie retired. Second, you don't think the terrible ownership and management situation in Hamilton had any effect on McManus's production?

I don't know why blanket statements and absurd generalizations are so attractive to fans. Football is a complicated business, both on and off the field. Usually, there are a lot more factors at work than the raw ability of one or two players.

Wait, is football a team sport, or is it not? Calvillo didn't lose Grey Cups in a row. The team as a unit lost those Grey Cups.

Also, Calvillo and the Als WON a Grey Cup without either of those two receivers. He also passed for over 6000 yards in a season without either of them on the roster. And SJ Green wasn't even a starting receiver in the 2009 Grey Cup.

Let's reverse this equation. Ever hear of Thyrone Anderson and Kwame Cavil? No? They were 1000-yard receivers with Calvillo. Where are they now? Has Dave Stala hit 1000 yards since leaving Montreal?

Honest to God, it's not nearly as simple as "the receivers make the quarterback" or "the quarterback makes the receivers."

I watched DM in wpg where he had 3 years of below 46 completion percentage. He only made it above 60 once in his career, at 62.6
He only had 4 passer ratings above 80 with the highest at 92. All years with Darren. DM had 281 ints to 259 tds. All in all, DM was not a very good QB. Yet people think of him as being one of the best because of the magic he had with Darren.

That 5000 season in 2004 was an abberation. AS soon as Darren left, his yards went from 4500 to 2900, and in 2005 his numbers dropped from 5000 to 2500. DM played 6 yrs without Darren and 5 of them were 5 of his six worst years. Aside from the abberation of the 2004 season, 1994 was an abberation in that it was the one yr with Darren that was one of his 6 worst seasons. Yet when we think of that season and DM, all we think of was that amazing 94 playoff run, made possible mostly because of Darren.

Lord. So the fact that McManus had no quality receivers, no good playcalling, an ownership that wasn't willing to spend money, and a defense that could never get off the field ... that had no part in his decline?

Also, you said that 'more often than not,' the receiver makes the quarterback. Can you provide more examples than just McManus?