New coaches

Maybe it'll get posted this time...
I'm surprised nobody has said anything about two big coaching changes: Marshall in Saskatchewan and Jones in Steeltown. I'm pretty sure Jones will keep doing well particularily with how well Kevin Glenn has been doing. I'm not as sure about Marshall. He has inherited a good team and that will help him out for a while but I think by midseason we will then get a good idea of how good of a coach he really is.

Marshall's deserved this for a long time and Jones will be the fresh mind needed in Hamilton to get that crappy run game going and get KG to 40 TD passes :wink:

I posted this elsewhere regarding Khari Jones, but I think it bears repeating:

There are two things I really like about what Khari said upon his promotion in this article: ... hari-jones

First, "Jones said he doesn’t have an established offensive philosophy, having played in a number of systems during his career. “When you talk about offences, I like to leave it open because it’s a very player-driven type of thing,? Jones said. “What we have the players to do, that’s the type of offence we’re going to run.?

Terrific; nice to see he's not going to try to force square pegs into round holes. I would far rather have an O/C who is prepared to tailor his schemes to the personnel he has available, rather than the other way around and try to force the personnel he has to play a particular system or scheme he has his mind set on (see how the blue team tried to make Kerry Joseph into a pocket passer). So this is really a good sign.

Second, "But Jones has already targeted a number of areas where he’d like to see improvement . . . “I think we threw the ball well but we’ll have to work on the run game a little bit and get more consistent with that,? Jones said."

Totally agreed; seems to me that this is a really good hire.

hmm dont think milt stegall is playing anymore so khari, i dunno, i wish him luck but im not sure he's as bright of a football mind as some think.. im a bomber fan and i remember those days when he was here, he would just hail marry it to milt everytime.. while bruce is good, he's not in his prime anymore like milt was. I wish him luck tho because ive met him, got a pic taken with him and he's a great guy. Just not sure about him, kevin glenn is ok, he's not the superstar people like to think he is, he's been in the league for years and always chokes under pressure, dont think having khari as his oc will help that. But good luck to khari and the burlington tiger cats.

As for marshall, just gonna say this... dude has been passed on by every team in the league pretty much.. theres a reason for that too. what it is? i dont know but im guessing we'll find out by mid season.

I think what you will find out is that the Bombers passing on him last year and choosing Mr."1 running formation" Lapolice,
was just another in the long growing list of inept move by the Bombers.

see, u make it seem like the bombers were the only team to say thanks but no thanks to marshall. fact is he's been told thanks but no thanks by plenty of teams. theres reasons for that.. taman is the gm in sask and marshall gets the job. Funny how that works.. whats that connection exactly.. oh ya taman was gm in wpg when marshall was dc. But u no, wpg was the only team who passed on him.. for sure. inept moves.. for sure.. tough to overhaul a team that sask's current gm screwed over by trading draft picks and stocking it with overpriced veteran has beens and never will be's in 1 or 2 years.. Its gonna be a good day very soon when the riders SUCK. u no, personally, havent the riders been too and lost the grey cup twice in a row to the same team? talk about ineptness, hey... bombers might have made some dumb moves the last couple years but... atleast they wont go down in history as the team who had too many men on the field that cost them the grey cup.. but i digress.

Nope, you're correct. They will simply go down as the team that had already paid for half their golf memberships by the time the Grey Cup rolled around, having been off work for 3 weeks already by that point.

The real crime is Winnipeg passing on Marshall to hire (snicker) Mike Kelly.

...[golf clap]...

Oh yes, just like the East Rutherford Jets and Giants, the Arlington Cowboys, the Orchard Park Bills, etc.I love how everybody thinks it's hilarious to do an big emphasis on the "Burlington" and "Aldershot" Tiger-Cats when the fact of the matter is they're still in Hamilton and won't move until AT LEAST after 2011.And even after they move, it'll probably still be the "Hamilton" Tiger-Cats.

LOL. . .the real crime is passing on ANYONE AT ALL to hire Mike Kelly. . .