New Coaches for Eskimos

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The preparation for the Roughriders begins. 8)

Wait, is this the same Mark Nelson who worked in Winnipeg last season? If so, this is great news. Putting him in charge of the linebackers will allow him to gradually become familiar with the personnel and gives the new GM (whoever he may be) an option at DC if he decides he wants to turf Hall.

Hmmm... I'm not saying Nelson is a bad hire, but I'm a little confused as to why they're hiring guys so quickly... :expressionless:

Maybe they already have a verbal agreement with the new GM and are running these hires past him first?

Herb Z. from the Montreal Gazette thinks Marcel Desjardins is a candidate for the vacant Edmonton GM position.

I had no idea Bleamer came from the Cat's, I guess it makes sense our O-line is a joke. Who's the rocket surgeon who decided to hire that guy? I can live with the fact our team is awful, but to bring in a guy who is responsible at least in part for the Ti-Cat's troubles is not something I can forgive.

Do we get the first pick next year or did we give that away too?

Let's hope that's the case. I know these guys are only position coaches, but still... doesn't make a whole lot of sense to start loading up the coaching staff before we have a GM.

I'd say this was in the works since Kep was ready to leave the Esks a couple of weeks ago.

At least Mark Nelson has some Green & Gold in his blood... his dad is ex-Esk great Roger Nelson.

While I’m good with the decision to hire Nelson, how is it that Hall can be so surprised that Kepley quit when Nelson is hired well within 24 hours? Till this I never had issue with Hall, seems a likable dude,but I gotta wonder: is he lying because a fan favorite left, or is he completely out of the loop on internal matters?

It's already been reported that Kep was ready to leave the team after DM was fired. The team asked him to stay on which he did despite misgivings about both personnel and the loss of commitment by the players. Then when he said he'd clear his things out in a couple of days he was told, 'no do it now'. If that's the way things are being run, then the team is in far worse shape than anyone imagined.

With that said, the team knowing that Kep was dissatisfied with the situation had to start looking as soon as he made his intentions clear. I'm o.k. with how the team searched for and found a replacement, I just have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth after hearing the way things were handled.

So do we know if this Mark Nelson is the same as last season's defensive coordinator in Winnipeg or a different Mark Nelson ?

This is my take on it; Kepley has refused interviews since Danny Mac was let go, I think. IMO it wasn't Halls place one way or the other to say even if he did know about it. Kepley was the one that had to come forward with his position either to stay or resign.I could stand to be wrong however. Both coaches profiles are on the Esks website, just click on Football Operations.

Thanks backer. . . it wasn't on the Edmonton website when I checked eariler, but it's there now. . . and yes, it is the same Mark Nelson. Good hire.

You’re welcome MadJack. Cheers.

So who is doing the research on getting these new hires? I can't see R lalachear hiring these guys on his own must be someone else, this just doesn't make sence . Where is our new GM ?

I would think Paul Jones and Doug Goss play a huge role along with coach Hall. I'm also curious on who the teams future GM is going to be, but first things are first I guess.

First thing should be hiring a GM, not picking out a coaching staff.

This is the Turmoil we see, Imagine the The mess behind the scenes. :oops:

Well just say that the new Gm is hired/announced at the end of the season as opposed to now, one week, two/three weeks from now or........? No one know how the rest of the season is going to go for wins or loses. At least at the end of the season the new GM puts forth his changes and for that he starts off with a clean slate. That's my take on it anyway.

IF - and that's a big IF - a suitable and proper GM was available, then and only then do you make the hire. Would it be good to have that person on board before the end of the season? yes. However, it's totally wrong to do a knee-jerk hiring just to put somebody into the role right now. That's how bad hirings happen. A lot of names get bandied about but of those names how many of them are available right now? Take a look and I think you'd find that some are, but some aren't, but they might be at the end of the season. The wrong thing to do is to comprise and get someone of lesser quality.

I see what the team doing now is trying to stabilize what currently exists for this season while also looking forward. If the various Asst coaches do their jobs and impress, then several of them will keep their jobs. The HC, on the other hand, is a different story. Hall hasn't impressed as a HC. There might be more to the fact that he was passed over several times when teams were looking for a HC (similar to Greg Marshall who was our DC when Maciocia was OC and has been overlooked for a HC post ever since). A new GM doesn't automatically mean a stem to stern firing and hiring. But even if he did, there are more options in the off season anyways. A new GM coming on board now would be a fool to 'blow up' the team in mid season.

At any rate, as for the two new Assts (neither of which is actually 'new' to the Esks)...

Mark Nelson has experience with the Esks as a D Asst and his dad is EE legend Roger Nelson. The guy knows the Green and Gold. Knowledgeable Bomber fans would have liked him to stay with the team. If he 'fits' then I could easily see him moving into a DC role. I'm o.k. with him I'm just upset at losing Kep in the balance.

Tim Prinsen is an Ex-Esk OLineman and he was a good one. Not only that, but when he suited up he was part of a successful OLine so he knows what it takes to do well. He's got the biggest task because if the OLine doesn't improve then it doesn't matter who the OC or QB is, the O will fail. How much skill he has to coach at the pro level is the real question.

You make some good points PR ,The only thing I have a problem is if they didn't have a new GM waiting in the Wings then why not fire DM at the end of the season,I'm sure we had to pay out his contract anyways . As bad as DM was it would have been nice to keep him through this year for the NFL cuts and to keep some stability with the Team, right now we look like a Rudderless ship.