"New Coach??"

What was that??? Down 6 points and you have to make sure a touchdown only ties…and you have 3 tries to hit the end-zone for singles in the 3rd and the coach decides not to get the points…how stupid was that…that was a high school mistake along with too many…make sure a last minute drive cannot beat you…101 rookie coaching class lesson one!!

Called a timeout with 3 seconds left so that Winnipeg had time to draw up a play.

Uhh…Medlock’s a great kicker…but 60+ yard punts are a bit out of range, even for him.

The play that went off right before Austin called that late time out would have resulted in a Willy sack. A tackler was a foot away from Willy when they finally blew the whistle. Austin obviously didn’t like what he saw, but I don’t know if that was the best time to call that time out from that perspective.

well that’s a little off side than isn’t it? lol

cant call a timeout when the plays in action. the defender being close just means he didn’t hear the whistles as early as everyone else.

I don’t mind the time out.
if Austin didn’t like the d setup compared to what the o was showing than yah call the time out. this is however an assumption on my part.

Oh yeah…what about the net 11 yards “lets pin them deep” kick with the penalty…try a field or let him rip a punt…anything can happen…a bounce here & there…but DO something?? …well that stupid call did give Winnipeg good position and a touchdown…Oh, I guess that is better???

It was the penalty that took us out of field goal range. The sack afterwards was only a 2 yard loss. There was little hope of a single punting from that distance. Our defence was playing shut down at that point. The punt turned out to be a waste because of a no yards call.
No bad coaching decisions in there, just bad penalties. We're getting a lot of those and Austin needs to do something about it and has a part in that, but ultimately, it was a players individual act of stupidity that just happened to come at the worst possible time, not a mistake by Austin, that cost us the game.

On the subject of coaching quality though, perhaps we should also discuss how our backup QB, struggling mightily in the first half, came out and scored 26 unanswered points after the break to put us in the lead. Maybe that says as much about the quality of our coach than a poorly timed penalty does?

I agree that when it comes to making second half adjustments that help his offense succeed, Austin and co. have been the best at this in Tigertown since prime Lancaster/Jr./McManus. No question.

Oski Wee Wee,


Well put...but there were chances to get that 7 point led and wasn't tried (lots of 60 plus field goal tries that could end up singles...a bit long for a punt)....it would have made Winnipeg make the decision for the tie or the 2 point conversion....but way not try....anything could happen...maybe another forced fumble???....you like the coaching call but a loss is a loss!!!! I stick with a poor coaching call...I hope the next ones are better.

what about some plays to keep the chains moving, why not call the timeout to get the O focused with 2 minutes to go?

We have one of the top 3 receiving corps in the league, yet cant make some gains ?

Agreed. Austin sure knows how to adjust at halftime, on both sides of the ball.

Not exactly the whistle blew and everybody eased up tahst why he was by willy

Teams are not even trying long field goals anymore. All teams have the protection on when they kick a FG, the chance of a wide FG been run back are gone. The only way you are going to see long FGs if the CFL decides to put the goal posts at the back of the end zone. That may not be a bad idea!

that’s what really bothers me is the possession around the 2 minute mark (and the prevent defense at the end) but i’ll stick with complaining about the OC… we run Dan and than run with CJ on second down. either score or ,as you said ,move the chains to take atleast another 15 seconds off clock. it was silly

As I read in an U.S. article…“the goal posts in the U.S. are actually on the dead zone line…anyone or anything is void once the line is touched”…hence their field goals & converts shouldn’t count…theory wise…but as we know they operate their own concept of interpretations in their world…ha…ha…and as for long field goals!!!..here’s an idea…learn to cover them…all we were after was a single anyway…kick the ball through the end-zone!

As someone stated on the TSN panel last weekend, if they had their choice on changing a rule it would be eliminating the single point. Why reward the failure of making 3 points with one? reward them with zero points

Austin can take the loss on him for this game as he made several major coaching blunders, any one alone cost the Cats the game.
For a guy who was a very good QB, his decisions alone this year and especially yesterday have been horrendous.
He is being out coached on a weekly basis, and I lie the guy.

there is no reward for missed FG’s, only a point given up by the return team for not getting the ball out of the endzone.

remember, the ball is still live within endzone parameters, hence the ball is still in play.

The last second timeout allowed us to put the backup D end(Nadon) on pass coverage with the quick running back in the flat. The back caught the "quacker" . The last play of the game usually means you field your best defenders. I'm not so sure we did. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

why is this all austins fault i do believe the d coach calls his plays feilds the men etc