New Coach!

I think that we need to hire a HEAD COACH, VERY SOON. they need to get rolling. Becuase they need to hire all asstistants, and if Charlie Taffe is so up to it, how come he isn’t signed by now? Seriously.

Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins has publicly set a goal of signing a new head coach by mid-December, 2006, so he still has about a week left to meet his timeline.

Nonetheless, this is becoming a concern. The Ticats already seem to be falling behind the other CFL teams in preparing for the 2007 season.

By most media accounts, purported frontrunner Charlie Taaffe has not even visited Hamilton yet for an interview. Even rattlebonejones, who claims to have inside knowledge on the Taaffe situation, has not posted anything on in the past two days. The suspense is building.

No need to start yet another thread on the same topic.

It's already being discussed here:

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TigerCats are not that far from being a very Competative team, the rebuilding process started in 2004, a good program and a cuople players here or there is all it will take to make the Ticats a contender,any major retooling will delay the inevatible, a grey cup win :rockin:

YAY! Yet another team who is only a few signings from being a championship team!

I was confident until i read that he has not even been to Hamilton yet...

that makes me wonder...

taafe met with the owner's yesterday, was given today to think it over, and is expected to answer by tomorrow (Sunday). If not Taaffe, Greg Marshall wil be brought in Monday or Tuesday and They will also interview Jacques.

Greg Marshall wouldn't be the worst fallback choice. He's had great defences everywhere he's been DC, and he's been spurned so many times as a possible HC that he would really have something to prove. I would prefer Taaffe, because he is an offensive specialist, and because our offence absolutely s*&ks, but whoever we hire will be an upgrade from last year's clown show.

Bombers D co-ordinator Greg Marshall is welcome as coach by me as well.
He knows the league ,unlike Taaffe,he knows the new rules,he's tough and comes with a good defence as well as players who want to play for him.
Besides that I heard Taaffe's name mentioned by a Toronto sports station early in the process ,the same people recomended our last coach too,makes me think no way ,a bit superstiously...
Marshall is good by me and he wants the job for sure unlike Taaffe who doesn't appear to want the job and comes in expensive and without CFL experience the past half dozen years. :cowboy:

Seems this bodes well.

So, rattlebonejones, does this mean Taaffe has given up on a college coaching position?

You believe Rattlebonejones?

I saw Davey Jones last night in Pirates of Carabean,we'll find out soon if the Jones know what they speak.

I have no reason to believe him, nor do I have a reason to disbelieve him.

But I do find him entertining.

I'm glad somebody thinks I'm fun. Apparently there are some in the organization who find me annoying (as evidenced by my inbox). They need to get off the internet and get us out of last place. :cowboy:

Might they believe that you are undermining those very endeavours?

That was certainly not my intent. I just enjoy talking about the league. This is a team with some solid players that will benefit greatly from the new salary cap. This is a team on the up, and this is a huge hire that will impact the league. Either candidate will be great.

However, I will shut up for a few days. I had no idea talking on this site with other fans could be seen as undermining management. I still don't. That notion never was, and never will be, my intent.

We'll get our man. The question is will we get the coordinators to support him.

Either candidate? Who’s the other?

I had no idea talking on this site with other fans could be seen as undermining management. I still don't.
So is that how they viewed your posts?