New Coach

Well, looks like Popp for the balance of this year…who do you want to take over the reins next year?

Barker? That rumour was rather emphatically shot down.

Chris Jones or Kevin Strasser?

How about a retired Al…Climie? How about we bring back Sonny Wade?

Wally Buono or Danny Barrett. I know Barrett wont be in Saskatchewan next year Tilman has made that very clear. As for Buono if the Lions self-Destruct in the playoffs again rumor has it that Buono will take the fall.

I think it might not be a bad idea to look at someone that hasnt been a head coach yet like possibly either the offensive or defensive coordinators in calgary

Creehan is D coordinator in Calgary and has never been a head coach. Burrato is their O coordinator and he has been a head coach, in BC. Calgary runs a pretty varied offence, we could do worse. Wonder if Charlie Taafe would be interested in returning?

We have a poll up on Go Al's Go, is you want to voice your options !

I think Chris Jones is ready to be a head coach in this league. If not him, I'd love to have Steve Buratto, Wally Buono, or Jacques Chapdelaine.

There are a lot of qualified guys that are and might be available at season's end. I kind of think that Pop want's a crack at the job. Should the Als go to the GC expect Pop back next year.

Popp can't be vice-president, general manager and coach all at once. He'd make a burnout. And then, we'd lose three key managers at once. He'll do it this year, but I'd not expect him to retun as coach next year even if he won the Grey Cup.

Steve Burrato, Dennis Creehan, Jacques Chapdelaine, Charlie Taafe or Gregg Marshall (the Bombers DC, not the ex-Ticat) would all be good pick.

I just hope it won't be the Sugarplum Fairy ! PLEASE, let it not be the Sugarplum Fairy !!!

I just hope it will be the Sugarplum Fairy ! PLEASE, let it be the Sugarplum Fairy !!!

...actually, I think you're safe there buddy, Campbell says Danny's job is safe for next year no matter what happens this year....

I hear Paopao may be available

Paopao he is like the worst coach ever. Blitz the Al's mascot would do a beter job then Paopao.

You would not like to see this up close and personal

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download it here

I wouldn’t care for Maciocia, and shoot me if they hire Paopao. I’ll bet anything that Popp is too smart to hire Paopao.

I personnaly think the 3 front-runners are:

Jacques Chapdelaine
Charlie Taafe
Steve Burrato

If Paopao or Ritchie are hired, I won't make the 400km commute for Thursday games, even the one on Fridays !

As for Mr. Cha Cha Cha....add him to the not wanted list also !

I think Popp intends to make a big play for Buono in the off season.
It might cost him a first round pick or something but I think Buono would love to come back to Montreal.

I think he may go for Buono as well.

Dont forget Wally is a Montrealer as well

If Buono does become the Al's next coach, how many Lions or former Lions would follow him to Montreal because he is such a good coach to play for. When Dickenson came back from the Nfl he signed with BC because of Buono and I beleive Mark Mcloughlin signed with BC because of Buono and today George White singned with BC.