NEW Coach Possibilities

dunigan built calgary.the only thing higgens did was bring in burris and copeland. burris wife did not want to live in sask so he was going to calgary anyway. if dunigan was the coach this season they would be in the same spot they are in. dunigan would be a good i said he built calgary and he could build winnepeg

I wouldnt hesitate to offer Dunigan a job.......maybe even HC....but that would just seem like more of the dog & pony show Taman has been running of it has to be a defensive minded coach, Marshall is a serious candidate I would say...but so will Stuebler and the cat in Sask.....once the playoffs are done for them.......if Taman was smart (and his own job depends on it) he needs to hire both.....a defensive minded coach and a new OC.........I look for a couple of signings in that department or Taman can kiss his ass good bye.

In his defence........for those who say he hasnt been finding talent.....with very limited scouting time he has found Walls this year (rookie of the year no doubt) and Canada last stfu.......

Wow pigseye that was a lot of work and that sure helped did it not! I do not mean to be sarcastic here but Taman has been around for 5 years and he just seems to get worse each year. No imporvements tell me that he is doing nothing for your team. I could care less but if you want the team to move forward this guy really has to go. Firing two coaches in three years is just plain stupid. No your team has to learn an new offensive and defensive schemes this set them back again. Get a good GM that can get a good Coach and you then start progressing forward. Keeping Taman is stepping backwards.



Do not hold your breat h for too long. He will not be leaving Calgary. Where do you guys get your info from?

i love Paopao, but i'm not too sure for HC, maybe too much of a player's coach. we need someone to come in and get tough, someone w at least some experience who demands respect. we don't have time in the peg for another year of someone "learning the ropes" so to speak!

...Creehan has already said ....he would be definitely interested in talking with Taman...only talk so never know where this is going to go....but sources are saying he could very well be the next head-coach of the BigBlue....if Calgary goes out in the playoffs this weekend ...look for serious talking to start... :arrow:

what about paopao? where is he going?

...Paopao is being interviewed within the next week I believe....he says he'll come to Wpg. if accepted...

Nice...Where do u get this info papazoola? lol u must do ur research. Well i think he should be our coach even if he didnt do well with ottawa. Hes the only coach that can turn this team around. Hopefully he comes to Winnipeg!

PaoPao, hm..... he could be real good for the Peg, but then again, he could take us down even futher, but he seems to be worth another shot.

Paopao is proably the only good coach we can get man. He would be the bomb for the peg. He wouldn't do as bad as a job daley did.

Im hoping that the Riders win today (yes im a bomber fan pulling for riders :o

Reason being....maybe if Montreal looses, they fire their coach and "The Don" ends up in Wpg...

long shot yes.... could be a distinct possibility.... :shock:

[quote="HaLluCiNaT3"] He would be the bomb for the peg. [quote]

nice pun, very nice

I'd love to see the Don in the peg, he has done wonders for Montreal but Montreal seems to be in the slide that the Bombers were in a few years ago, so he could come o the peg and make use or breack us.

and the spell checkers broke, I'll check it later.

anyway, if the Don is free after this season, he IS wortha a shot.

Don's an old fart now, we need someone to come in and "build" this team into a winner again and stick around long enough to "reap the rewards" of it! i like stubler or creehan for HC, maybe paopao, austin or dunigan as assistants. although, austin is an AC in TO, i don't think he'd leave one AC position for another!

NO to walby and khari - good guys, just not about to gamble another season on unprovens! we need results and a proven winner who has a track record with a winning program!

Anyone Know anything right now about our Coach's lately?

Taman is going to coach since the last two were very bad at using the talent he has provided them.

...many possibilities lined up for interviews.....who will it be is anyones guess....BIG RUMOUR out of B.C.....regarding Printers coming to the Peg....if it turns out to be true....that would probably influence a potential coaches :?: :?:

You might want to add Matt Dunigan to the list. But really it will be some one really wanting to take a risk. Taman has one year left and he will be replaced and another head coach will be required. So I think it will be eithe Poapoa, Dunnigan, or Austin in my opinion. I believe Crehan would need a sweet heart deal (money with garauntees) he has to much to lose taking that chance. Dunnigan would not be bad he did set Calgary up fairly well considering he had M Feterik looking over his shoulder. Matt will be a good coach some day!