NEW Coach Possibilities

:?: Paopao comes back to Winnipeg as offensive co-ordinator. Creenhan from Calgary for defensive co-ordinator and Head Coach. Kerry Joseph becomes free agent and comes to Winnipeg along with Josh Ranek.

Of course we will have to pick up KJ as well since his release.....

...Marshal for head coach.....Kyries Hebert (FA.)...Banks (FA).... like to play for Greg....follow to WPG.....Josh Ranek....Charles Roberts....same backfield....all I can say is WOW.......DARE TO DREAM MEN ...DARE TO DREAM.... :wink:

Papazoola, Our radio station was also touting Ottawa's Greg Marshall as a possible replacement.

TSN is hinting that Paopao could make a move to Hamilton as their OC, since they, too, have done some housecleaning this week.

Scoop of the day. Taman and Bauer in their wisdom bring in Ronnie Jr as coach and Blue go 0-18 lmao

Walby as HC

K.Jones as OC

rehire that Defensive coordinator that left during the season

and vila! well be back in the C in no time with a 14 and 4 record.

i previously brought up Dunigan's name as oc, or possibly even head coach. he learned a lot in calgary - trial by fire - but was in way over his head as both gm and hc, especially as a rookie. i still like him though and love his competitive nature. what do u guys think???

Make Bauer HC, put Taman in as GM and then after another "rebuilding year" fire them both.

"rebuliding" yeah right, more like "lets get the team to fold and get rich off it"

because a lot of people get rich while folding community owned teams????

somebody always does! at the expense of the team and the fans. :twisted:

k-k- Have you been smoking the artificial turf somewhere? How does anyone get rich off folding a community team? Point I'm trying to make is that Bauer and Taman have to go or the same s*** will happen in Winnipeg that happened over the last 5 years.

No way Dunigan for HC! He needs more that just the one year of experience he got in Calgary to climb up that wagon again. Maybe an assistant at best, but the Bombers want to at least have a though of making the hometown GC next season and need experienced people right away to do that like Calgary did this season. What's Mike Riley up to these days? He's the last Wpg HC to win a Grey Cup for the Blue!

Get Real.... Khari will be the worst coach ever and same with walby ... we need a coach with expirence in that postion. aka Joe Paopao or maybe Greg Marshall. and Dunigan...just cross him out.
Joe paopao hopefully he comes to Winnipeg!

I would cross Paopao off the list immediately, he is a decent OC at best as well as Creehan as it looks like he will bide his time in Cowtown and ascend to the HC position there in a year or two.........they should focus on Stuebler and or Austin as these guys are ready to become HC in this league and are both at the top of their game right now.......

I don't want Kent Austin in Winnipeg. I seem to remember him being athe QB when we lost to Edmonton in Cal Murphy's last game. By what 61 points. Don't like his attitude. He's never been a head coach. Let some other team season him first. Winnipeg cannot afford the luxury of a head coach in training.

How about RD Lancaster sorry bad joke!

Mike Kelly gets my vote for the new Bombers coach.

I figure he has to be one of management's top 3 for the job.

...strike Kelly off the list....he says he is staying put in the NFL....