New Coach in Edmonton?

Does anyone agree the Machoka will be fired at the end of this season?
how can he not be with all the talent & money spent in Edmonton.

they need a kicker more than anything

That guy from the Stamp's
He's not that bad.
All the Esk's fans had him pegged as no brain..
Look's like no brain, is ready to launch rocket's..
And the golpher is looking for peanuts

I guess all those haters of Ned Flanders can eat their words.
Machoka sucks when he has the talent that team has. Inconsistancy will prove to be to much for this good team. Ya Higgens had nothing to do with their success ha ha ha right! Can anyone hear Dave Ritchie packing his bags and getting tagged for Edmonton destination at the airport!

Ritchie is having to much fun (see no stress) with his buddy Buono.

Lancaster Jr.'s lack of imagination with all the offensive firepower Edmonton has is the problem in Edmonton. Hmmm Tom Higgins doesn't look so bad now!

I don't like Maciocca and his coaching strategies. When Ray can't get things done, he never even thinks about putting Maas in, but when the kickers struggle or runnibacks, he'll juggle them game to game. When Ray struggles during a series or two, whats wrong with putting Mass in(who hasn't played one down yet this year)? I hope he gets fired and we get someone new for next year.

I agree with you on this but then again you need to use the QB you paid dearly for. Just like the loss to the Riders I thought R Ray has not looked sharp.

Wheres the stats guy? Isn't Rickey Rays TD vs Interception rate closer to the "poor" side? Someone help me with the stats.

i think its something like 26 TD, 19 INT


bingo...on all points :x

I agree with both youse guys(wathched Sopranos last let off steam :wink: )...but I aslo think that Maas needs SOME reps...1st and goal from the one yard line yesterday for example. Ya got three cracks from the one...spare your starter the knocks to the noodle and give Maas some goddamned reps..friggin' Macciocia...

Going into last night's game he was 35 and 25....also 67% efficient on passes...just like a RB, you get enough reps your gonna run for 100yds, you throw enough times, you're gonna get a few picks.

He is now 25 TD's 20 Int
Not 35-25

Not according to TSN, ro. They showed 35-25 as a graphic...

Let's compare apples with apples. Here's the interception percentage of each QB:

  • Kerry Joseph: 4.7 % <--- Worse
  • Dany McManus: 4.6 %
  • Kevin Glenn: 3.8 %
  • Marcus Brady: 3.6 %
  • Henry Burris: 3.6 %
  • Ricky Ray: 3.4 % <--- Ray is right down in the middle (on CFL average)
    - CFL average: 3.3 %
  • Damon Allen: 3.2 %
  • Nealon Greene: 3.0 %
  • Marcus Crandell: 2.5 %
  • Anthony Calvillo: 2.5 %
  • Dave Dickenson: 1.5 % <--- Best

Now here's the touchdown percentage for each QB:

  • Kevin Glenn: 6.3 % <--- Best
  • Dave Dickenson: 6.2 %
  • Damon Allen: 5.9 %
  • Ricky Ray: 4.3 % <--- Ray is still right on the CFL average.
    - CFL average: 4.3 %
  • Henry Burris: 4.2 %
  • Kerry Joseph: 4.2 %
  • Anthony Calvillo: 4.0 %
  • Marcus Brady: 3.6 %
  • Marcus Crandell: 3.4 %
  • Dany McManus: 2.9 %
  • Nealon Greene: 2.3 % <--- Worse

looking at those numbrs danny mac is definently having a rough go this year. and how about glenns td %

as for rl jr told you so.
and "all edm needs is a kicker"??? maybe if they had an oline the qb would have a chance. i feel bad for ray. if edm gets an oc with any imagination and an oline they win the cup. even with fleming. luckinly this will not happen this year and in the offseason they will make too many changes and will be disappointed yet again next year. i just hope you edm fans are forced to endure rl jr one more year. actually i can't actually mean that. no one should be forced that pain. rl jr should be unemplyed but as long as he is never in the peg again i will be okay watching other teams attempt to deal with him.

blackdale, Glenn always go unnoticed when comparing QBs, but he's got pretty decent numbers when it comes to TD % and QB efficiency.

What would really help him a lot is relying more on his legs. This guy can run. He's got the ability to do so. But he just refuses to takeoff. I bet he would keep a lot of drives going would he give it a serious shot. And longer drives would lead to more yardage and more wins.

honestly Higgins did not do anything as a coach here since the begining. I am not a great Maccocia fan but higgin was an overpaid do nothing loser.

Also if you took away some of rickys ints there would be no doubt that he was the mvp. If the o line had played better Ithink his INTs would be lower. Don't get me wrong there have been times when I've wanted Maas in but I don't think ricky has played all that bad.

I think the Eskies just need some motivation and more than a one dimensional offence. Ray's numbers are good and he can play, but if you can't convert at least 65% of the time in the red zone than you won't win games. I'm a die hard Eskies fan for 32 years( all my life) and this team needs to miss the playoffs and have a big shake up. They have so many talented players yet when they struggle "Coach Machoach" doesn't even try to shake things up a bit.