New Coach For BC

But who!!!

Good old Rick from ottawa

Maas will be fired in EDM if loses ESF or EF

Maas to BC to become HC/OC to be with Reilly again

Campbell to EDM to be back with Harris

Thorpe becomes HC/DC in OTT with Arbuckle or Streveler as QB

DC was a disaster in BC no question.
Hard to believe that he was properly vetted before his selection. I mean how could you be so far off the mark?? That was the oddest coaching staff ever assembled.

Sure leaves a lot of dead cap money for them to stand on as they rebound.

There are a lot of potential candidates out there though.

I think we may see LaPolice there and the return of Mike Benevides as DC.

But this is a very very real threat to Montreal and their ability to retain Khari Jones. Gives KJ an opportunity to move home to BC albeit with unsure ownership in place and a whackjob for a boss.
Choose wisely for all concerned.

Hervey will get an undeserved mulligan here perhaps but will disappear from CFL landscape should he fail again.

Rick Campbell in BC of course, Lions took no time in canning Claybrooks when Campbell became available.

Possibly, but Braley promised a full review of the organization at season’s end, therefore, timing coincidental. It is entirely possible that Mr. “Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits” Braley was not enamoured with what he perceived to be an unprofessional look on the sidelines (the shorts and sideways baseball cap). I don’t know this for sure, but it would not surprise me why DeVone is “one and done.”

I don’t want Maas to be the head coach of this team. Smart offensive mind but his anger issues result in undisciplined teams.

I would be okay with Campbell even though his overall record in Ottawa doesn’t blow me away, especially factoring weak divisional opponents all those years (.417 winning percentage despite a 12-6 record in 2015).

BTW, fast forward to 1:00. Meet David Braley’s doppelganger, Hazel’s Don Defore. ;D

How much was he making? With them only responsible for 1 year, I wonder if they'll take the hit in 2020 cap or spread it over the next 5 seasons.

Yes I agree, Claybrooks looked more like pizza delivery man than a head coach. Even more noticeable when your 3-15.

What am I doing here ?? I can't believe they're firing me just because of my ball cap !!! ??? ;D

I wonder if Claybrooks will land somewhere as a DC again. His track record on D with Calgary is what landed him the BC gig.

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Would not be surprised if Jones takes a pass on BC given who the GM is.

This is why he’s gone: that open-mouthed, stunned expression he had on his face ALL THE TIME. If he were winning games, it would be just a charming idiosyncrasy, but when they’re losing, it gives the impression that he has no idea what he’s doing, or where he is.

He does not yet seem to have punched his ticket into the “Head Coach” fraternity, unlike counterparts R.Campbell and soon-to-be-unemployed C.Chamblin, who at least have some HC success on their resumes.

But his DC credentials are established.

Hervry will no doubt recall a time when a certain organization (notorious for bending rules) finalized a deal to pilfer his head coach while his head coach was leading EDM to a Grey Cup win. It would be funny if he returned the favour.

Doesn’t matter who the next lions HC will be if Hervey is still in charge. They will still suck.

Sounds interesting.

How many years did O’Shea get to fail in Winnipeg before he produced a contender? Yet Claybrooks get booted after one season. BC will regret this decision.

While I am not a MOS fan, it is not really the same. He took over a 3 win team and won 7 without a glorious overhaul. He then dipped the next season until they picked up Nichols. He then had 11 and 12 win seasons, until a 10 win season and another exit put him in rocky waters.

Claybrooks has been a disaster. The GM basically had to force him to fire his OL coach…who was an obvious mess, and further didn’t want to make coaching changes in the offseason. He continually seemed just lost in games…which doesn’t help when you hire a half a dozen buddies first year in their coaching positions…who does that…and Brailey was pissed about that. Further to that…look at Brailey and look at Claybrooks…how well do you think they related? Serious question. When the GM and the owner tell you have to make changes and the reply is essentially pound sand, so they force it…you better start winning in a huge way.

Barring winning out in the East…Maas will be next man up.