New coach for 2012 please!

After a loss, the fire the coach and change the QB topics always pop up.

I feel that they are warranted though. Just when you think that the Cats have turned the corner, (2 or 3 impressive wins in a row), they get blown out and lose. We can never get more than 2 games above .500.

MB took this 3-15 team and made them a .500 team the last 2 years. 2 years ago .500 was great after 4 years of 5,4,3,3 wins. Last year, we were .500 again. I feel that we underachieved. Look at the roster from last year and this year and you can point out the All Stars. We have a heckuva team but how come we can't get more than 2 games above .500.

My thoughts from yesterday:
-I knew in the first quarter that Glenn didn't have it, overthrows and 2 and outs. In that situation, you should pull Glenn for a couple series to try and calm him down. You can't just run him out until the 4th quarter. He didn't have it and when he doesn't have it, you can see it early. Even the dropped passes by Grant wouldn't have done anything except to add a few more yards to the 19 we had up to the mid way part of the second quarter.

-we have an elite running back but we come out throwing. MB comes from the offensive side of the ball and I know that he has a hand in the offense. On the road, you have to establish the run. 5 rushes for 2 yards? Unacceptable. I know we got down 15-0 early but there was a ton of time left to grind out points

-Marcel Young. This poor kid got beat I don't know how many times. Montreal look to his side of the field all day. How do you not got to Chamblin and get this kid pulled. Bo Smith and Hinds had great days. I think there was 1 catch and 1 penalty against Hinds and I don't remember Smith being beat. Speaking on the defense, we couldn't stop the receiver screen!

-post game comments. I started listening to the 5th quarter and turned it off. MB says the exact same thing every time we lose. Got out played, got out muscled, couldn't match their intensity, gotta look at the tape, etc, etc. To me, he doesn't seem like the guy who goes into the room after the game and tears a strip off these guys.

MB has taken us to this level but it's not time for someone to take us to the next level. We are a .500 team with MB. To me, that's not good enough anymore.

We have 8 games left. I think we will beat Edmonton and Toronto twice. The rest are crap shoots now as SSK and BC have turned it around.

I would be surprised if we weren't a .500 team again this year. I want to and hope to be proved wrong, DEAD wrong but the stats say otherwise.............

Something has to change, we're on pace for a third straight 9-9 season. What's Bellefuille's excuse? We're a young team.

Just because we have a couple young receivers and a couple of young DB's does not mean we're young.

How can you say the Cats are a 500 team and that after a 2 or 3 game win streak get blown out, then in the same breath say both Saskatchewan and BC have "turned it around" while they are on a couple game winning streaks??

Both BC and the Riders have been blown out this year as well...

We have made the playoff every year Marcel has coached, give it a rest people! You all praise him when we win and shoot him when we loose. :lol:

For what it's worth, still plenty of season left. Cats handed it to the Als in the pre season matchup and last week.
Yesterday it was the Als turn.
Who would have thought the Riders would have taken down the Bombers not once but twice?

Just goes to show you anything can happen right now and is making for an interesting rest of the way.

It does take a rocket scientist to understand we are treading water.
This Team has great personnel, but the coach has no clue how to utilize the talent.
Look here. I don't know if this is a temporary blip, but when Sak. sacked their coach & brought in Miller, they win 2 straight, & CONVINCINGLY at that. Call it a fluke if you want, but I suggest it wasn't.
Will SASK. come down to earth? Maybe. But right now, they are winning, & so is B.C.
I will not be content with another 9-9 season. Because I can assure you - if we go 9-9, & make the playoffs, we will once again be blown out.
HOW MANY repeats does it take before we get it?

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

The only issue I have with Bellefeulle is team stagnation.

The past two years compiled 9-9 records and we appear to be headed for a third such record.

Obie has brought in some formidable talent this year and many experts picked the Cats as odds on favorites to win the East.
On paper we are as good as the best, although much of this talent is being wasted on non-sequitur playcalling/systems.

Marcel is not doing a horrible job per se, but the team is not progressing as it should.

IMO, it's still too early for such proclamations.

Keep in mind we have a new OC and DC yet again, and even though we are 500 at this point, I think the Tiger-cats are better than last year, and there is a solid foundation on which to build, keeping in mind Jones and Chamblin are still learning and that the receivers and DBs are quite young and inexperienced.

Heck the first place team has only two wins on the tabbies!

I say stick with this core, keep marching on and watch this team get better and stronger.

So let's say we finish 9-9 (which is our current pace) and lose again in the EDSF. How is this team getting better and stronger? At the end of each of the EDSF losses Marcel told his players that this was the last time they would play together as the current team, implying that there will be changes in the off-season. The whole "better is better" crap we've been hearing now for 3 straight years. YET, with all the changes, and there have been many if you compare depth charts from last year, plus new OC and DC, we STILL are on the exact same pace.

Marcel is the constant in this equation.

8) If the Cats do lose the EDSF game this year (whether home or away), Marcel will be gone !!!

Wont be as many as there are Bandwagoners that call themselves fans!
Glad to see you have confidence saying we will once again be blown out! :lol:

I, for one, have NEVER praised him. On occasion, during his tenure, I've voiced credit where credit is due, to the coaching staff in general, but I don't recall EVER making reference to some outstanding action or decision by MB. In fact, quite the contrary.
Most recently, in Montreal, I have to question his awareness of the tie-breaker situation with the Alouettes, his plan to go for it on 3rd & 10 from the MTL 36, with 4:30 left in the 3rd QTR and down by 32-10, rather than take the 3 points with a FG. Then, after Jimenez is flagged on Procedure for 5 yds, he still chooses to try on 3rd & 15 with a "jump ball" throw to a well-covered Mann. Did he think a lucky comeback victory was more likely, or more important, than protecting the total points margin which was 31, going into the game? Then with 2 seconds left in the game, he decides to go for a FG. Great! -- Now instead of MTL just having to WIN (by 1 point or more) the 4th game, they now have to win the 4th game by 2 pts. to win the tie-breaker. If HAM had been UP by 22 points, with a minute to go in the first half, would MB have called for the "Hurry Up, No Huddle" offence for the sake of the tie-breaker points. I certainly doubt it. Trestman did and Trestman left Calvillo in the game longer than MB did GLenn, for the same purpose.
Over the past couple of seasons, there have many more, even MORE QUESTIONABLE decisions, made in front of the Ti-Cats' bench. The time for change, is not now. It was in the past. And, it should be again if/when the Cats are eliminated from Grey Cup contention this year. IMHO.

This from the Spec's Drew Edwards:

I asked Bellefeuille after the game: why can't this team get over the hump after knocking on the door for a season-and-a-half. This is what he said.

"I've seen teams knock on it for seven years. Saskatchewan before they won, Calgary before they finally won. I'm trying to speed the process up for us and for our fans. We're not quick to explain these things away but they are not unheard of."

Those in the .500 forever school will be enraged by this comment and those inclined to take the long view will grimace and nod their heads.

I'd be surprised if any heads, other than maybe the Kevin Glenn Bobblehead, would be "nodding" on that comment.

It's kind of ironic that Marcel would compare our situation to Saskatchewans. Danny Barrett had 3 straight 9-9 seasons and was then fired. Riders hire Kent Austin and he wins the Grey Cup in his first season.

:thup: X2

We don't win on Road with Coach B Time for him to hit the bricks

if this team stays at 9 and 9 3 years in a row
it is not getting better it staying the Same.
The players have changed and record is still the Same
only 1 diffence 9 & 9 Means 3rd place and 2 Road Playoffs game to get to the cup.

Do Really think we can go into Montreal or Winnipeg and win Both Games


Wake UP Smell The Coffee
We can't win a Gantlet match in the Playoffs
The Odds are not in our Favor

How many teams have won grey cups winning 3 road games in the playoffs
You'll find not many

What a joke...the team was completely unprepared...can old Mooch(MB) not see the same game we watch...The CFL is a fast moving,changing game and you must have at least 3 or 4 game plans ready for every must change on the fly...He stands and looks around sometimes looks uninterested...he should be in his offensive coach's face screaming for results...What was the use of the defense stopping anything when the offense couldn't do anything...and what a bone-head...all of a sudden he realized near the end of the game that points,any points may play a big part in the playoffs...when earlier he threw away chances more than once...Mb & Glenn still are not finishers...maybe someday but not now!!!

This kind of talk is ridiculous. Baby steps guys. I know it's hard after that blow out, then blown out but the team has made consistent improvements and you need only look at the Argos to accept the fact that while Marcel isn't perfect, he is consistently producing a playoff caliber team. You also have to consider, we could have had the skid that Greg Marshall lead the Roughriders too as well. So long as we make the playoffs, Marcel has my support. You never know when the other team is going to screw up and you'll slip by them in the post-season.

Under Marcel the Cats have been mediocre. They show signs of brillance at times, then the next game they tank it. Not sure he is a motivator. Players do respond to different types of coaching. Is MB the right one, I don't know but to me we look at best like a 500 team again. How do we get better?

In CFL terms KG is an average QB. With a good defense, I am sure we could win more than our fair share of games. The problem I have is that the Cats never seem to adjust. They may play a half of good football, only to find that the other team make adjustments and dominate the second half. Sometimes our blitzes work, sometimes they are so readable it is easy to do the quick hitter, screen or swing pass for big yards. I think the defense has made progress this year, still needs improvement though.

Can MB motivate this team? Time will tell.