I think that when they get a new coach next year you will see a big difference. He has been in football most of his life and has proven to be an excellent coach. Once he is finished his years contract in the states he will be ready to bring in his own team with a winning attitude. He wont be making Mass #1 unless he deserves it. The new GM and coach wont stop until they get the best man for the job and a guy who can prove he is a winner.

Gee tempo, what coach are you talking about? 8)

I would like to see a blockbuster trade -
Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Kerry Joseph. We would have three 1,000 yard rushers in the backfield and a legit 5,000 yard passer.
Ranek and Joseph together would be fantastic, they had great timing and chemistry, the option/shovel pass was a guaranteed first down with them two.

And how far did Ottawa get with that combo???

also the new coach will not get rid of MAAS that
quickly. he knows maas history and all good
coach's will what to see if they can elevate
maas's abilities before they cast him aside.


How far did Ottawa get with that combo? A lot further than the Ticats - Seven wins last year for the Renegades that would have got them into the playoffs this year.
And if you followed the CFL last year you would have remembered about the injury situation in Ottawa and the wholes in the Offensive and Defensive lines.

How about Maas and Holmes to BC or Buck Pierce or JJ?